1. Choosing the order in which party members attack

    Hello, I'd like to know if there is any method or script that will allow me to choose the order in which my party members attack. It gets a bit annoying having one member use "revive" while the other one heals afterwards, only to have the order switched around. Thanks!
  2. Koi

    Attack only done when a state isn't applied?

    So I've got a monster who has an attack that causes paralysis. Is there a way that I can make it so that it can't use that attack when the target is already paralyzed? I'm going to assume this is going to need some kind of script or note.
  3. Koi

    Attack dependent on item in inventory?

    Hi, I've got an enemy attack that calls for a common event to take away one of a specific item from the victim. So, basically a thief attack. But, what about when the player doesn't have that item? Is there a way to make that attack conditional depending on whether or not the object is in the...
  4. PokemonPets

    Looking for attack animations sprites

    Hello. I am looking for attack animations sprite sheets to use in my web based rpg games. I found very nice ones on wordpress blog , username  mrbubblewand Can you please quote and reply me back with the links? My games are similar to Pokemon games ty I have attached an example...
  5. Servidion

    (Answered) Need a cap on my variable attack power.

    So I have a variety of weapons that increase stats based on things you do in the game. Saves, time, escapes, etc. How would I go about setting a cap to these stats? Here's an example: <Custom Parameters> atk = $gameSystem.saveCount() / 3; </Custom Parameters> This takes the amount...
  6. Need Help using the Falcao Pearl Action Battle Script

    Ok so I'm TRYING to use the Falcao Pearl ABS Script (here: but even though I'm following the instructions exactly I still find many problems. If anyone is familiar with this script I would greatly appreciate the help...
  7. PanHead

    Problems with a 128x128 battle animation

    I've reached a problem regarding battle animations. One frame in an attack animation is supposed to be a multiple of 64x64, and the character I'm animating for needs to be 128x128, since he is slightly taller than 64 pixels. However, when I input the sprite sheet into RPG maker, it looks like...
  8. Servidion

    (Answered) Gain ATK based on TP?

    So I want to create a state that has the class gain Attack Power based on how high his TP is. Higher TP = more Attack Power. I have all of Yanfly's plugins (among others). How would I go about doing this? *edit* The answer I came up with thanks to the help of Kiriseo is this formula within...
  9. SEK

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3

    SEK_AttackCountAndFormula - v 3.3 By SEK Introduction Counts uses of skills and attacks and adds a bonus damage formula. You can also learn skills after using x times a skill or a weapon. Features - You can see how many times an actor uses a skill, save the counter to a variable and...
  10. Emperor DragonBreath

    Boomerang attack animation

    Just as the title says, a side-view boomerang/or chakram attack animation. Does anyone have sideview boomerangs or chakrams for side-view attack animations?
  11. nazgul

    Anime Fighting Fantasy

      Nazgul Presents Anime Fighting Fantasy   Genre:  Role-Playing Game Engine: Rpgmaker Vx Ace Sideview ATB Battle, Classic old school fights, Fast paced battles, with intricate strategy, and vicious enemies. STORY:              Sakura the half demon has lived in Cherry Blossom...
  12. Galegorgeous

    Trait Attack times

    I was wondering if there is a way to apply "Attack times +" trait to physical skills. As far as I know, this can only apply to normal attacks. I've tried adding "Normal attack" state to physical skills, but couldn't manage to make it hit more times.
  13. jaypee

    Attack Variance bug?

    Hi guys currently doing some damage database work and one of skills I have for setup is the normal attacks currently have 4 types of them apower - (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 ) , add state attack 130%,  variance 20% bpower - (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 ) , add state attack 145%,  variance 20%...
  14. MeowFace

    Battle Log Canceller

    Made for a request here.   This script cancel the result log display of certain skill/item in the battle message log. eg. Monster Name suffered 100 damage. Monster Name evaded your attack.   This is useful for those who want to make skills and formula doing stuffs outside of normal attack and...
  15. Shenic

    Simple randomizer

    Here's the tutorial for a simple randomizer. It can be used if you want a chest to contain a random item, if you want your character to learn a random ability or whatever you want, but, for this tutorial, I'll teach you to create a chest that gives random items. 1 - Open the common events tab...
  16. Val

    Plugin to call Pre-emptive/Surprise Attacks on an encounter

    Hi everybody, I want to know if someone genius could make a plugin to be able to start a pre emptive / surprise attack on enemies when needeed? Right now its seem it's only a math random in the rpg_manager.js that control that. But I would love (and im sure a lot of people want too) that in...
  17. Val

    How to setup an attack command that I can Choose one member of my team or enemy?

    Hi everyone, Everything in the title : How to setup an attack command that I can Choose one member of my team or enemy? Right now my Attack can only select a enemy ? or I can change the setup to select only my team member? But How can I setup an attack where I can select anyone on the...
  18. is it possible to not have an attack command on an actor.

    Hi, I want one of my characters not to have the ability to attack. Is there a way to make that command not show up on the combat menu for him/her? thanks.
  19. Different sound effects for actors being attacked

    Hi guys, I've been looking around for a script which allows different sound effects for actors being attacked in battle.  So far I've looked at DP3's Actor Voices In Battle script but that's far more than what I'm after, I simply need more than one sound effect so actor 1 shouts "Ow!" actor 2...
  20. mrzap6077

    Player Won't Attack

    I am using rpg maker 2003, and when i playtest a troop, my second player won't attack! The only option is "change".

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