1. Kes

    Attack command vanishes from battle command menu

    I am using Yanfly's Battle Engine I am also using Yami's Battle symphony although I don't think Symphony has any bearing on the problem. Two players have reported an issue which I am unable to replicate.  There is a character who has only physical skills.  If the whole party guards, and if that...
  2. Macro Attacks?

    I'm trying to make a macro attack for my RPG game. A macro is something similar to Phantasy Star 4. It's when the player arranges attacks for the party and I wanna make it in 10 Slots. Example: MACRO A: 001: Attack 002: Defend 003: Cast Skill: Fire 004: Use Item: Potion (Example Image)...
  3. Chester

    Needing Combination Attack Script

    Hey, Long story short does anyone know a script that allows one character to use combination attacks with another character ? I need this for commercial purposes by the way. EXAMPLE: Character 1 casts Fire Character 2 casts Fire II Creates Firestorm Thanks Meow !
  4. Recklessness in Attacks, Sacrificial Attacks, I Need Help

    Hello all, I want to have an attack in RPG maker that instantly destroys 4 random enemies, and costs the player 300 of his HP, 50 MP and 50 TP to use. I do not know how to use the Attack Formula Bar. How can I do this? Thanks! :)
  5. KyoAkashi

    Absorbing Elements

    Hello! I want a Fire enemy which absorbs this element but i cant find an option for this or a way to do this. Maybe i'm overlooking something, i would appreciate every help. Thank you for your help!
  6. KyoAkashi

    Multiple attack elements?

    Hello the question is, is it possible to give a character or an enemy multiple attack elements? So if i have an Gargoyle and wanted to give him the attack element of earth AND physical would it be as simple as adding Attackelement [Earth] Attackelement [Physical] in the properties? Thank you...
  7. HollowMonty

    Substitue Attack script help

    Ok so I friend asked about an idea of theirs, and wither or not it was possible. I know that it is and had been working on it a bit, but I couldn't find any references about this particular thing anywhere I looked so I decided to make a thread here and see if anyone could help me. So he wants...
  8. Trigger Switch when character uses Skill or Attacks?

    Is there some way to trigger a switch in RPG Maker VX Ace when a character attacks or uses a certain skill during battle? For example if an actor uses the Fire-spell to attack an enemy, its hair catches fire, and the enemy shouts "ouch". Is it possible to do something like that with vanilla...
  9. Silenity

    Battle Gauge Script

    Summary: Optional ideas: Shitty picture example. If need be, I will pay for this script. c:
  10. Tortured Healer

    Galv's Timed Button Script

    Hello, I have taken an interest in Galv's timed button attacks script and would like to ask a question, if anyone here is familiar with it. It seems to be that all successes are critical hits, or have multiplied damages, and all failures are misses. It there any way I can set it so that it...
  11. Tornado Samurai

    [RMXP] Actors Attack Actors in Battle (Glitch)?

    Hello everyone! Over the past few days, I have been receiving some glitches with RPG Maker XP. For instance, ("Enter" Button and "Cancel" Keyboard buttons not working in game). This is the most recent one. This is a different game, where I experimented to find the glitch and I succeeded in...
  12. Could use some help with energy beam attack.

    Okay, so this is my first time posting and usually I'm able to find the answer to my questions just by doing a little detective work, so I apologize if this has been asked before, but I tried searching with every term I could think of and came up with nothing that really helped me in this...
  13. zigman32

    Enemy attack with multiple conditions?

    Hi. I have a skill I want the enemy to use when both of the following are true. A ) his HP is low B ) his MP is zero I can only seem to set one condition for enemy attacks, how would I do this?
  14. Maximus32

    Two problems with custom enemy attacks

    Hello. So, this is sort of a weird problem. Two problems, actually. FIRST PROBLEM: I want to create an attack that does damage to another battler, but then self-inflicts an effect upon the user. More generally, I would like to create a move that targets both the opposition and the user with...
  15. Making ranged attacks have their own attack type?

    What im trying to do is make it so that ranged attacks have their own hit type. I'm using yanfly's FTB and side view battle system so the way the actor responds is nice but when they are a ranged class if i set the hit type to physical the actor will run up and slash the enemy with his bow...
  16. Attack that adds state to self, rather than enemy

    So my old account here was apparently deleted... oh well... I just have a simple question to ask: Is it possible to have a non-healing attack inflict a state on the caster, or do I have to script it? I'm making a magic attack that forces the user to recharge for a turn (think of hyper beam...
  17. GubiD

    GubiD's Tactical Battle System v2.4 for Ace

    GTBSv2.4 for VX Ace!   GTBS has been a side project of mine for many years. After deciding to learn scripting all the way back in 2006 so that I could create a game with it. The system is now completely functional in RPG Maker VX Ace. The system boast a number of features including...
  18. Death Attack

    Ok I am making a skill where my character kills the enemy in one hit, regardless of HP. So I made a skill that is linked (or uses) the default death state. That killed the enemy, but at first it gave a message saying it had no effect on the enemy. The enemy did not have resistance to death...
  19. Pititia12

    Pack Chars Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan [+Eren Titan] [1.0]

    What is it? It's just a pack of chars of the anime Shingeki Kyojin / Attack on Titan for those who want to use. No, I do not want ratings about shading or similar things, I know I'm still not a good pixel artist, but I'm doing my role as maker helping those who cannot do. For while there are...
  20. MP Recovered on Attack

    I'm looking for a script that can allow you to gain MP when you attack using the basic attack command, like TP but have it's own rate of return. I don't want this to be the used for all classes, only two of them. I did find a script here but it only works when you are hit, not when you attack...

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