audio bug

  1. SilvonTheResearcher

    [Bug?] Battle BGM sometimes doesn't stop when battle ends

    I'm having a go at my first full-on game on RPG Maker MV. For a specific map, I have a BGM dedicated to exploration and another BGM that is a variation of this first BGM for battles. What I want to do is make it so that the battle BGM continues from where the exploration BGM stopped. I figured...
  2. Audio volume issue when using multiple layers

    Hello, I'm new to this and I've found a problem that will probably require some programming help. I've been adding some dynamic songs in my VN, as in there's a base layer that's always on and several more that play at the same time but start at 0% volume, and during the scene I turn them on...
  3. SanaMasako

    [MV] "Sample" LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH (Audacity 3.0) trick bugging out?

    Hiya, I've come across quite a weird issue with audio files that I want to have "intros" and "loop points". A while ago, someone introduced a technique that allowed you to put certain code into an audio file so that when played in RPGMaker, the start of the audio only played once and there was a...
  4. Music don't reproduce on videogame for android

    Hello, today I made an apk for my game with rpg maker mv, but I was surprised that the audios that I have were not reproduced ... to be specific, the bgm ones ... I know if they are reproduced. . someone tells me that it may be passing the format in m4a as requested by rpgmakermv ... I attach...
  5. Yoraee

    No sound at all in editor/playtest?

    Hello! I'm really not sure what's the cause of this. Maybe someone can help me? I can't hear any audio from the MV editor anymore. No music or sound effects. I tried loading a fresh project and its the same issue. There is proper audio when the projects are deployed, but the editor is...
  6. Kitsunekko

    Failed To Load Audio Cancel 2 [SOLVED]

    While going to play through one of my recently-edited maps to see if it's more accurate to what I want to portray, this error came up on the screen. Pressing space or clicking on it allows me to continue playtesting the game, but it continues to pop up. I believe that the reason for this is...
  7. Anyone solve the audio delay bug?

    [SOLVED] I've tried all the fixes. Using Preload Manager and Web Audio Cache, doesn't work. It preloads correctly but doesn't fix the issue. I also tried the DSE Audio Lag Fix pluggin and that just errors with "Reference Error - Decrypter is not defined". When the game starts there is always...

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