audio issu

  1. J-G

    Android deployment audio file issues

    So I'm trying to deploy my game but whenever I do, there seems to be certain audio files that don't deploy. I notice because when I go to play test my games apk. It said audio files unable to load. So after I looked in the folder they were indeed missing. Not sure why since I have both formats...
  2. Nerdboy

    HTML5 Audio. How to get it to play with MV?

    hi, so i created a web app, uploaded it to site and using webview, but no bgm is being played, the sound efx play tho? if i dont launch the app from icon and use normal browser and type in url the audio works great. but when i launch in app using webview no bgm cuz how rpg maker handles...
  3. Nerdboy

    anyone know a free good wav to m4a converter?

    hi, i really need to convert to m4a with bitrate etc that android understands, i cant get mobile bgm audio to work for some reason. i dont got plugins interfering either. and the sound efx work and i converted using same method as bgm? i need a free wav to m4a converter that works for mobile -...
  4. Jonforum

    Your browser does not support Web Audio API [APK]

    Hello, I have a very annoying error, when i try to run rpg maker apk to Android After a functional test on a emulator [very laggy on XDK] I export my [.APK] on my Android 4.4.2 tablet [Cube Talk 9X U65GT] he can run eavy game very fast ! i get this error [ Your browser does not support...

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