audio looping


    Free HQ Music / Scores / Cues

    Hey there ;-) I'm Niko, a professional music composer from germany ;-) I've just started a project for free HQ Music / Scores / Cues that can be used for you game projects ... Free License The condition is mentioning the music source. Music by Boris Merkfeld
  2. Dreamsavior

    Creating seamless audio loop with RMMV Tune

    When we play our favorite RPG game, we can hear BGM being played repeatedly seamlessly. Without the fade-in and fade-out as when played in our MP3 player software. I remembered playing Dragon Quest 6 back than in SNES and the battle BGM can be described like this: In fact, almost all RPG...
  3. Tsukihime

    Easy audio Looping

    Ever downloaded a great sound track that you wanted to use in the game, but then you found out it just plays from start to finish, and starts playing again from the beginning? However, if you listen to some of the BGM's that come with RPG Maker, such as the battle themes, you'll notice that...

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Timed and graded. What will you do to maintain A or even S rank battles?

after 6 years of working on my project on and off, i've reached a semi-presentable point and now i can forget about it for the rest of the year. thanks for all the help!
see you guys next year :kaohi:
Hearing or saying ''Wife'' and/or ''Husband'' makes the persons involved sound so old, but they could literally be like 18 xD
Because The Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3 is one of my favorite bosses of all time, I felt the need to make a somewhat similar boss for my own game. taking cues from both the Fury and another awesome astronaut boss, Captain Vladimir from No More Heroes 2.

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