1. thekenbaum

    Modification to Astfgl66's animated bust plugin

    Astfgl66 has this plugin that is almost perfect for my game, I have voice acting in my game and this plugin is only lacking an option to sync the animations with the SE audio; like having it pause in moments of silence or having the mouth stay open when a character is screaming; stuff like that...
  2. thekenbaum

    Astfgl66's animated bust plugin upgrade

    Astfgl66 has this plugin that is almost perfect for my game, I have voice acting in my game and this plugin is only lacking an option to sync the animations with the SE audio; like having it pause in moments of silence or having the mouth stay open when a character is screaming; stuff like that...
  3. MiraclesHappen

    Movie sound is terrible

    Hello everyone, I have made a movie to be played at the beginning of the game as an intro. Though the movie quality is impeccable when played with windows media player, the quality of the sound when the movie is played during game play is awful. The movie output is the following: For the...
  4. Hugo Yasha

    [RMMV] Sync enemy behaviour with music

    There's a lot of game that the enemy makes some specific movements synced with the music. Some examples of this can be seen on Mario Games and Crypt of the NecroDancer. I really love RPG Maker, but the audio options are very limited. I'm having a lot of trouble with this. Again, if the RPG...
  5. Dreamsavior

    Creating seamless audio loop with RMMV Tune

    When we play our favorite RPG game, we can hear BGM being played repeatedly seamlessly. Without the fade-in and fade-out as when played in our MP3 player software. I remembered playing Dragon Quest 6 back than in SNES and the battle BGM can be described like this: In fact, almost all RPG...
  6. Tuomo L

    Show actual volume levels

    Hi, this is a feature that I really think should be in the engine on default. When selecting a music or sound, you don't see the actual percentage of what the sound clip is playing at (For example, at 50%). For music, you can then after see what the actual percentage is but there's none of that...
  7. Hugo Yasha

    [RMMV] How to sync an event with the music time?

    I've composed a jazz BGM for my game (), and when this song was exaclty on 27s38 I would like to run an event. But the RPG Maker MV has a lot of audio lags. I've tried some preload plugins but I can't sync exactly where I want, every time the event happens on an different time cause the lag...
  8. Custom audio issues in apk

    Hello there dear comunity. So I have a problem. I wanted to make a little demo of a game so far for some friends and to make it easily accesable I made it an apk. Well. Everything works. Characters. Scenes. Scripts. My only problem is all of my three custom songs don't play. And before you ask...
  9. Kacribus

    Request : Horror Jump - Scare Audios

    Resource Type : Jump - scare audios for horror games. Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Audio Format : MP3 file is acceptable since I know how to convert it, although OGG file is more convenient since MV requires OGG files for all things audio. Description : Stressful and loud and scary jump -...
  10. eat beans

    New Game Sound Effect

    Is there a way to make it so a unique sound plays when you select new game on the title screen? Can I do this in the menus or do I have to use a script?
  11. eat beans

    Footstep sounds

    How do you add footstep sounds to your game? I don't care about the sound being different depending on what tiles you walk on, I just want a generic sound to play while the character is moving.
  12. MushReen

    Reducing Game's Size by Compressing?

    Hello! I'm on a strict deadline (again) due to my pushy client. They wants an RPG game with low size which is suitable for android games. I did completed the project, but when it comes to sending the file, they rejected it because of the size (which is too big for them). I tried to delete some...
  13. MushReen

    Confused About The Audio Library

    Hello! I'm currently converting my game to .apk with Android Studio. To compress the size used, I delete some of the unused libraries (because checking "Exclude Unused Files" on Deployment deletes my "not default libraries") and I figured out the audio file takes lots of sizes, so I delete the...
  14. AdamSakuru

    Changing base audio files later?

    I put up a demo of my project so far and someone pointed out that I should have music in my demo. Currently the music is being worked on and might take awhile, but I was wondering if it's possible to put in audio files that I can change later without having to update every instance of it in the...
  15. Mace

    How do I make a character say something when he attacks?

    (sorry if this is in the wrong section) I guess this is a simple noob quetion. I wanted to make my character say something when he evades, attacks and defends (like in many RPG's). ( I have the sound files) Can you guys help me out?
  16. Hibarist

    Free to use modern music pack! -Crowded Beats-

    Hello! My name is Hibarist and i'm a freelance composer. I wanted to share with you this little album that I made, it's called Crowded Beats and it contains 7 tracks, all of them are free to use for commercial and non-commercial projects! The only thing that I ask is that you credit me as...
  17. Rink27

    Obtain Audio Filename

    Hello. Is there a script command that can return the filename of the currently playing bgm/bgs/me? Edit: I'm aware of $ but there are songs that would not be called through map properties.
  18. eat beans

    Enemy Encounter Sound Effect

    I might have posted this in the wrong place - if so, sorry! Anyways I was wondering how you can change the sound that plays right when you encounter an enemy. For example, by default when you encounter it will zoom in and the music will start playing. Can I make a sound effect play right when...
  19. Anyone solve the audio delay bug?

    [SOLVED] I've tried all the fixes. Using Preload Manager and Web Audio Cache, doesn't work. It preloads correctly but doesn't fix the issue. I also tried the DSE Audio Lag Fix pluggin and that just errors with "Reference Error - Decrypter is not defined". When the game starts there is always...
  20. Strawberry Bubblegum

    Berry Time Voice Acting

    I thought I'd put up a voice acting thread for anyone who needs it! I was an opera major in college, so I'm fairly good at singing and acting. Just let me know! :kaoluv: I can do female voices, low and high. I specialize in cutesy voices, though :kaothx:

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