1. AceOfAces_Mod

    FMOD Studio API script

    I'd like a version of this script (, which supports FMOD Studio instead of FMOD Ex. I need it so I can do some audio mixing (adjusting the volume according to the distance, echo). I have contacted Firelight Technologies, but they...
  2. Tuomo L

    Cartoon "SPLAT" sound

    Hello, I'd need the classic "SPLAT!" sound effect for my game but when I was trying to look for one, they were either poorly credited, it was not clear if they were roalty free or the splat sound itself sounded really bad. Basically, I would need something like this but the terms have to be...
  3. Rudrabhoj Bhati

    Provision of encrypted music in the web games

    I bought the Humble Game Making Bundle. The licence agreement makes it mandatory to encrypt the audio files:   I am using three audio resources from the 'Town & Village Music Pack' and one from the 'JSM Romance & Sci Fi'. I am developing for HTML5, using phaser. The problem is mandatory...
  4. Flare Gear

    Themes for RPG vol. 1

    Hello guys, I'm happy to announce the release of the first collection of Theme tracks for RPG Maker Games. Themes for RPG vol. 1 are entirely composed and produced by me out of need (and love) for RPG Making. The tracks inside are already in use in my games ("Eledyan: Tower of Enigmas" and...
  5. Control Pitch

    Is there a way to control the pitch of the currently playing bgm with an event?
  6. burntable

    Music Mixing Script

    I'd like to play more than one BGM at a time. Basically to create dynamic battle music. I couldn't find any scripts for MV that makes this possible. There is at least on script for earlier versions of RPG Maker. Like this one: Thank you!
  7. Sinnistar

    Sinnistar's Resource collection

    UPDATE: Someone has literally just Copyrighted Sinnistar and that was the reason all of my resources got taken down. I've reuploaded my master collection so the link should work again, but if anyone else has problems with any of my resource links send an email to...
  8. Torqus

    Can't replay audio after load

    I had this problem for a long time now, I posted this before but there was no solution so now I'm posting it with more things I've discovered. I'm trying to make a plugin for my game, very simple one, that will load the last saved game after game over instead of taking the player to the title...
  9. Lecode

    Random Audio

    Random Audio 1.0 By Lecode Introduction This plugin allows to play randomly and automatically SE, ME, BGS and BGM. For example playing the SE "Damage1" in any way (animation, audio command, ect) will play instead a random SE between Damage1, Damage2, Damage3, Damage4 and Damage5. How to Use...
  10. Tsukihime

    Easy audio Looping

    Ever downloaded a great sound track that you wanted to use in the game, but then you found out it just plays from start to finish, and starts playing again from the beginning? However, if you listen to some of the BGM's that come with RPG Maker, such as the battle themes, you'll notice that...
  11. Milena

    Properly playing audio

    I keep placing AudioManager.playBgm('Theme1');but it doesn't play. What does that pos means in the argument section of playBgm?
  12. Zephro

    Which audio file type(s) should I use?

    As you probably know, RPG Maker MV comes with included audio of 2 types: OGG and M4A. A copy of each type for each audio file. Naturally I want to make my project size the smallest possible, and 2 of every audio file seems unnecessary. I want my project to be played on both PC and any device...
  13. Seven Rain

    I'm getting a different audio issue than most...

    I've been experiencing the same lag/delay when trying to play audio files in MV, including during gameplay, (which is very frustrating. I'd rather not have songs take 3-5 seconds to start playing throughout the entire game,) and this hasn't been remedied by removing all the m4a files as other...
  14. Ms Littlefish

    Noise Removal from MV Audio Base Resources

    Hey there, guys! I don't know who else has noticed, but when listening through much of the MV audio through headphones there is an ever present hissing noise. This is especially noticeable in soft songs and non looping sounds such as MEs and SEs. Anyway, no need to babble. It's rather easy to...
  15. No audio when running game.exe

    Hello, I noticed recently that when ever I playtest my game, i have no audio what so ever, and have spent 2 hours googling, with no one but me having this issue, so im making my own post. Specifics: Sounds work in RPG Maker VX Ace, with the sound test. They dont work when double clicking the...
  16. MakoTorii

    Fade SE

    I have been taking a look at the Script Call Collection topic and have noticed something about the sound script calls: BGM, BGS, and ME have fade-out script calls but SE does not.  While SEs are usually only a second or two long, there should be cases where they last longer than that and may...
  17. Chester

    How To Block Audio Folder when Compressing Game Data?

    Hello, I have already deleted the RTP from the Game.ini and the Graphics folder is gone after I compressed my game data but what about the Audio folder? I don't want players to have access to that folder. So how would I do it? Thanks!
  18. Dirge

    Dirge's Free Stuff! (Newest: Animation Pack 1)

    Hey guys! I'm back, with more stuff! My old, legacy VXA stuff is now separated from MV things! Everything I post here is made by me, from scratch, and is free for both commercial and non-commercial use as long as I'm credited. Sound effects pack number one: Eleven shiny new sound...
  19. LucasGodzilla

    A Script that changes the Midi Synth?

    Hi everyone, I don't want to trouble anyone, but I was hoping if someone could help me with this. I was hoping if someone knows a script or maybe even a simple edit to the engine's scripting that could allow me to use a specific soundfont or midi synth. I was making a retro like game, so I am...
  20. Dreadshadow

    TUTORIAL: How to convert music and video files. A tutorial on FFMPEG

    So here comes something new. Forget about expensive converters. Forget about programs that can't export to ogg or whatever you need. This is big so I putted it into a spoiler button. Press it to read it. Here is what you can do: Instead of reading the spoiler, read this pdf file I made...

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