1. ♥SOURCE♥

    Audio Fade In. Easy to use! (BGM, BGS, ME.)

      This script adds the “fade in” function to the Audio channels, since by default, only “fade out” is included as an event command.   It is very easy to use, just add the correct command using a Call Script event command after you use a Play BGM/BGS/ME one. Read the header for more info.   Get...
  2. Kaimen

    Kaimen's Audio Showcase

    Greetings fellow forumers and welcome to my audio showcase where I present to... basically everything I upload to Soundcloud, or at least an example of what I am capable of composing-wise and voice acting-wise. :) So, without further ado, let's get going with some of my original soundtracks...
  3. Female voice (single laugh)

    I'm looking for a female voice for a villain character.  While an adult, she's got a very childish personality, and is generally very mirthful about what she does.  She has a fairly soft, relatively high voice (think something like Midna from Twilight Princess), and I'm looking for a childish...
  4. Blinn

    What I do with sound effects

    These sounds are handmade and made from scratch, either recorded from my microphone or designed in Audacity (mostly). Here's a few examples: Uniques United (RPG Maker VX Ace) ^ Everything you hear in this video was made by hand. Blinncraft (Minecraft Resource Pack) Homemade Drums (Sounds I...
  5. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Fishbowl of Free Music

    Hello, all of you wonderful game makers! I am Ms Littlefish. You can call me Meg. As one might be able to tell, I make music. I hope you all enjoy and find some of my creations useful to your game projects! Terms for Music Credit: Ms Littlefish and/or Megan Murphy Non-Commercial: Yes...
  6. Does anyone know where to find a audio resource pack for RPG projects?

    Does anyone know where to find a audio resource pack for RPG projects? I'm looking for a audio pack containing sounds with a 16 bit retro sound like "EarthBound - Mother 2", thanks for any information.
  7. pvg8v6g


    Alright pretty straight forward here. I either need a new type of sound or a way to play two BGS at the same time. Basically I've implemented a weather system into my game however when the rain sound starts playing it cancels out whatever BGS is currently playing. I'm a good scripter but there...
  8. jeipi

    Jeipi's Resource Shack

    UPDATE: I have bought RPG Maker MV and I love it! ...Which sadly means, I will not be adding any more assets to this thread. I might open a resource thread on the MV forums, so say hello to me there! Hello! I am Jeipi, I've only just registered recently but I've been lurking on and off since...
  9. Misty

    Font and audio hiding script

    Hello everyone, I wish for a script to just hide my audio and font folder. I have found some encryption scripts, but they cause errors. if it is possible to hide more without errors, then that would be excellent.   Thank you, ZEFK
  10. Misty

    Security file format - Fonts and audio

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to secure my fonts and audio? I want to put them in some kind of secure file format if possible.  Example: Sincerely, ZEFK PS: I don't mean RAR or ZIP. I want to secure them, so not one can just simply copy it. I want to encrypt the files, but still have the...
  11. Strict_Gryphon90

    Lava BGS

    Hello everyone! I'm currently designing a dungeon for my project that takes place inside a volcano, complete with pools of molten lava! I think that having a BGS with bubbling lava sounds would really add to the atmosphere, however VX Ace did not come with any BGS files of this type. Does...
  12. How do you guys decide what general volume to use?

    Okay, Ace music and sound is far louder than normal custom content. I generally operate with my laptop volume at the lowest setting with headphones on to play Ace. But then there are volume control scripts. But that controls volume for all sound effects or bgm. So how do I work volume in a way...
  13. Oriceles

    [Solved] BGS change while using Ship

    Title of the thread is self explanatory.   I just want to add the sea BGS when the player is using the Ship, off course this is not the same as replacing the BGM on any form. Can somebody help me please?
  14. shiori4me

    Dynamic Music Control? (start at certain parts of a song, able to use a variable, etc?)

    It isn't possible to play music at a certain second/etc of the song. You can run a variable that ups every 30 frames, yes, to count where you were in the song, but still, no way to use that variable. The only way to have a song play then fade silent then play back to a certain point in the song...
  15. Tsukihime

    Simple Audio Encryption

    This script provides very simple audio encryption. It allows you to store audio files inside the rgss3a archive. The data is decrypted and created outside of the archive when the game wants to play an audio file. This means that while it is possible to easily copy the file once the...
  16. Music Workshop

    Examples: So yeah, I'll be doing requests for free songs for a short amount of time. I've sort've been a stalker on these forums for a while and haven't really participated in the community myself, but I felt like being helpful so here. xD...
  17. Matseb2611

    Protecting Audio Folder

    Hello there. I've searched the forum and I noticed this topic has come up before but none of those threads really had proper answers. I do realise that when encrypting a game, the audio folder doesn't get protected together with the other resources, so I was wondering if there was a way to do...
  18. Tsukihime

    Vehicle BGM Fix

    This script fixes vehicle BGM related bugs: While the map BGM is playing, when you get on a vehicle, transfer maps, and get off, the BGM played is the BGM that was playing when you got on the vehicle, and not the new map's BGM When you transfer maps while on a vehicle, if the new map has an...
  19. BadMinotaur

    Hacking away at the Audio module

    Hello everyone. There's a small story to this request for help: I'm working on a commercial project, and my musician is (understandably) very concerned about how music files don't get shoved into the encrypted archive with everything else. Thankfully, he's not particularly picky about...

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