1. Misty

    Security file format - Fonts and audio

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to secure my fonts and audio? I want to put them in some kind of secure file format if possible.  Example: Sincerely, ZEFK PS: I don't mean RAR or ZIP. I want to secure them, so not one can just simply copy it. I want to encrypt the files, but still have the...
  2. Strict_Gryphon90

    Lava BGS

    Hello everyone! I'm currently designing a dungeon for my project that takes place inside a volcano, complete with pools of molten lava! I think that having a BGS with bubbling lava sounds would really add to the atmosphere, however VX Ace did not come with any BGS files of this type. Does...
  3. How do you guys decide what general volume to use?

    Okay, Ace music and sound is far louder than normal custom content. I generally operate with my laptop volume at the lowest setting with headphones on to play Ace. But then there are volume control scripts. But that controls volume for all sound effects or bgm. So how do I work volume in a way...
  4. Oriceles

    [Solved] BGS change while using Ship

    Title of the thread is self explanatory.   I just want to add the sea BGS when the player is using the Ship, off course this is not the same as replacing the BGM on any form. Can somebody help me please?
  5. shiori4me

    Dynamic Music Control? (start at certain parts of a song, able to use a variable, etc?)

    It isn't possible to play music at a certain second/etc of the song. You can run a variable that ups every 30 frames, yes, to count where you were in the song, but still, no way to use that variable. The only way to have a song play then fade silent then play back to a certain point in the song...
  6. Tsukihime

    Simple Audio Encryption

    This script provides very simple audio encryption. It allows you to store audio files inside the rgss3a archive. The data is decrypted and created outside of the archive when the game wants to play an audio file. This means that while it is possible to easily copy the file once the...
  7. Music Workshop

    Examples: So yeah, I'll be doing requests for free songs for a short amount of time. I've sort've been a stalker on these forums for a while and haven't really participated in the community myself, but I felt like being helpful so here. xD...
  8. Matseb2611

    Protecting Audio Folder

    Hello there. I've searched the forum and I noticed this topic has come up before but none of those threads really had proper answers. I do realise that when encrypting a game, the audio folder doesn't get protected together with the other resources, so I was wondering if there was a way to do...
  9. Tsukihime

    Vehicle BGM Fix

    This script fixes vehicle BGM related bugs: While the map BGM is playing, when you get on a vehicle, transfer maps, and get off, the BGM played is the BGM that was playing when you got on the vehicle, and not the new map's BGM When you transfer maps while on a vehicle, if the new map has an...
  10. BadMinotaur

    Hacking away at the Audio module

    Hello everyone. There's a small story to this request for help: I'm working on a commercial project, and my musician is (understandably) very concerned about how music files don't get shoved into the encrypted archive with everything else. Thankfully, he's not particularly picky about...
  11. Pre-emptive "Beep" on audio files

    Some of the audio files I am using have a starting "blip" noise that the game adds before playing the track. It's only some tracks, I have not been able to discern any specific cause; I have filtered out: file type, file name, length, and whether or not I altered the file name at any point. Any...
  12. Palsa

    Palsa's Resources

    Here is my DeviantArt account: Metalraptor [Conditions For Use] Everything that I post here is free for commercial and non-commercial use; all I ask in return is for my name to be included in some form of credits, along with my DeviantArt address. To make it easy; example: "Made by Palsa...
  13. FenixFyreX

    FModEx Audio Library

    FModEx Audio Library v1.0 for RMVX Introduction This library allows the user to memorize, pause, and resume music in RMVX. Script/Demo The demo with the scripts can be found here: FModEx v1.0 RMVX FAQ / Q&A / Notes Keep this script above all other custom scripts. It may not work...

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