1. Pre-emptive "Beep" on audio files

    Some of the audio files I am using have a starting "blip" noise that the game adds before playing the track. It's only some tracks, I have not been able to discern any specific cause; I have filtered out: file type, file name, length, and whether or not I altered the file name at any point. Any...
  2. Palsa

    Palsa's Resources

    Here is my DeviantArt account: Metalraptor [Conditions For Use] Everything that I post here is free for commercial and non-commercial use; all I ask in return is for my name to be included in some form of credits, along with my DeviantArt address. To make it easy; example: "Made by Palsa...
  3. FenixFyreX

    FModEx Audio Library

    FModEx Audio Library v1.0 for RMVX Introduction This library allows the user to memorize, pause, and resume music in RMVX. Script/Demo The demo with the scripts can be found here: FModEx v1.0 RMVX FAQ / Q&A / Notes Keep this script above all other custom scripts. It may not work...

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