1. Black Pagan

    Auto-Battle in RPG Maker Games

    I'm making a Sci-Fi Futuristic Survival Game where Survival and Exploration are the main aspects, Battle is a just a side feature. Since Survival and Exploration already requires a lot of attention and effort, I'm considering make Battle encounters easier for the Player, By making the entire...
  2. Yanfly's Battle A.I. Bug

    Hi there, I've used Yanfly's Battle A.I. plugin before with success. I am encountering something strange. I want the enemy to use SKILL 66 in one instance, but use SKILL 25 in all other instances, with varying targets. SKILL 66 targets all enemies. Sometimes it works, but other times, when I...

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I was away this days here in the forum but it was for a good cause!
The trailer of the demo of Luke Inn is on youtube and I am so happy!
I need to see the bugs of the game but I am happy that I have new content to show!

The last part of the modern interior will be ready soon. This will be a B-tile. With interior items for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and storage room.
This frantic shooting ARPG plugin for MZ looks really great. Here is the link to a post from the official Japanese RPG Maker forum.
We start in 5 minutes!

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