auto battle

  1. Sighted

    Auto Battle and Overdrive System won't work together.

    I got this error message when I tried to use Auto Attack with Overdrive System Link to Easy Overdrive System >,2992.0.html Link to SG Auto Battle > Can anyone help me with this problem?
  2. jojo741963

    Auto Battle From Enemy Action - MZ/MV

    Auto Battle From Enemy Action v1.0.1 jojo741963 Introduction Allows you can use enemy action as the action of auto-battle Features You can use enemy action as an action of auto-battle. You can set each actor to use different enemy actions. And you can change the Enemy ID that the actor uses...
  3. Tea++

    Tea's Battle Macro's Plugin

    Tea_battleMacros.js v1.1 Tea Have you ever wanted to give your player the choice to record skills to play them at the press of a button? Now you can! Battle Macros is a plug and play plugin that will add the feature to your game. Players can store battle rounds into a Macros and play them...
  4. Black Pagan

    Need Suggestions - A Game with only Normal Attacks

    So I am working on a Mini Game which is barely 20 Mins of Gameplay. Its just meant to be something like a Proof of Concept for my Upcoming Game based on similar Concept so I don't want to spend too much effort or time on making Complicated mechanics or even skills for it so I have implemented...
  5. Nerdboy

    Looking to mod a core mv js for Auto Battle but need help

    So i'm looking to mod a core mv js Auto Battle script if i can locate something in MV in one of the js files, but doing find for Fight and Auto led me no where, fight returns nothing related to auto and auto gives me other things not related to fight. What i'm trying to do is, allow Auto Battle...
  6. alcreator440

    Simple Actor Auto Battle A.I. Script

    I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble for someone to create a script that allows you to edit the Actor's auto battle A.I. I've tried this script but it's not quite working for me now and the programmer can't get to it soon(if they can fix it). Ace had a ton of these scripts but I'm...
  7. VnC

    Enable visible Auto battle commands

    I was wondering if there's a setting where I can see what my auto battle-enabled character will do before they do it. Like, before they attack or use a skill, we can see them select Skill then the move they're gonna use. I'd appreciate it if there's a non-script related solution. Thanks!

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