1. The_Black_Knight

    "Auto-Life" that deals damage

    So, I'm trying to adapt to deal damage to all enemies instead of reviving the character, however I'm not proficient at Java at all, so, I hope I can get some help. Here's the code/notetag: <Category: Bypass Death Removal> <Custom...
  2. miyanke

    Conservation of Life from Bravely Default

    Hi everyone I need ideas to create a state in wich if the character is dead the other dead allies become alive. This idea come from the hability "conservation of life" (CoL) from Bravely Default game and is explained as "When K.O.'d, revive all allies and fully restore HP." Any help? I...
  3. Luiishu535

    Auto-Life State not working sometimes

    This is a strange bug I can't seem to figure out.    Auto-Life is a state I'm using, which revives a character after its HP reaches zero (basically after K.O). It works for about 80-90% of the times. For the rest of the times, the fallen character simply doesn't get revived.   I will provide...

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