1. Animebryan

    Need help with Yanfly's Auto-Potion notetag

    So I have Yanfly's Auto-Potion notetag that I'm using but after reading through it, it seems to go off every time the character takes damage, which would waste off your potion supply pretty quickly. So I was wondering if someone knew how to add a condition so that it only goes off if HP falls...
  2. Animebryan

    Need Plugins for Auto-Potion, Auto-Phoenix & Auto-Med

    I need a set of plugins to produce the effects of 'Auto-Potion', 'Auto-Phoenix' & 'Auto-Med'. For those of you who don't play Final Fantasy X or aren't familiar with these abilities, I'll explain: Auto-Potion: When this 'State/Skill/Passive Ability' is possessed by a character & they are...

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