1. AutoLoad

    I'm looking for a way for the the game to automatically load a save file on startup, bypassing the the title screen and before the game actually 'begins'. As well as a method of force saving. Context: what I'm doing is a simple game that maintains a personal high-score automatically (the...
  2. Satariel

    Dark Souls continue at bonfire

    Hi, Im working on a ABS project which uses Khas's Awesome "Sapphire Action System IV" and  GGSlayer's "Dark Souls System". I've got them to work pretty good together and has most of the wanted features done, but I want some help with how it handles your death. My request: I want it to...
  3. Torqus

    Load last game after Game Over

    Load last save after Gameover   This plugin is simple enough for anyone to understand, it just modifies the way the GameOver scene works. Originally when you lose you are sent to the title screen, I don't think that's something you really want for your game, I want my players to keep...
  4. Torqus

    AutoLoad Latest Savegame on Gameover

    AUTOLOAD LATEST SAVEGAME ON GAMEOVER   Hello everyone. Today is a glorious day for me, I finally did something by myself with this program :D Changelog --> Version 1.1 Added line 56, the game wouldn't resume BGM or BGS after being autoloaded, now it does. Description As the name says...

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