autonomous movement

  1. LostWIsdom

    Autonomous Movement range question

    I've put out a demo and got a few complaints about npcs blocking doorways. Is there a way to allow random movement for events but create a sector or range they can move within. Routes work well for controlled movement, but in taverns or town squares I'd prefer to let them move around randomly.
  2. Help with character movement

    Hey! I'm very new to RPG Maker and have encountered a problem that I just can't get through. I'm sure the answer is very simple, but pretty much there is a character sitting at a dinner table, facing the table. When the player interacts with them I want the character to turn and face the player...
  3. Grassfur

    Making an Event Run up to a Player and Automatically Initiate Conversation?

    Hello. I am a bit new to the forums, but would like to ask a question about an issue I am facing with autonomous movement in RPG Maker MV. So here is what I am trying to do: I want an event (a person) to run up to my player and speak to them. To do this, I have set the autonomous movement to...
  4. The_Ez

    Need some help with Autonomous Movement and Common Events

    Hey all, I'm trying to make some semi-advanced pathing routes for my game. Time, NPC type, etc, will all affect where they go and what they do, but I also want them to remain interact-able and not have hundreds of event specific common events. I've settled on using...
  5. metronome

    Disable NPC from Facing towards Player without Direction Lock

    Let's say you want to make an NPC that will say different dialogue based on the direction she is facing. If you call this NPC from her back, she will say "A". If you call this NPC from her other sides, she will say "B". And of course you want to make her looks naturally alive. So you make her...
  6. Changing Autonomous Movement

    I wanted to ask if there was a way to change the enemy's autonomous movement type from approach to fixed. Currently, I have an enemy that appears after you interact with an object. Then after a certain amount of time, says a bit of dialogue then disappears. However, during the dialogue...
  7. How to make a graphic appear, move, then disappear?

    In my ideal game your character is walking in a storm and when they reach a certain point on the street the wind swoops the umbrella out of their hand and it flies down the road. So I have a version of the character's sprite that holds an umbrella, and when they get to that point of the event...
  8. Weird autonomous movement issue

    Okay so I've got this prison scene set up where you're supposed to run between rows of inmates without getting stopped by the guards. Now I've created an "area effect" to make guards react, move towards you, and stop you when you enter their area. The problem is, they seem to recognize the...
  9. Candacis

    Change Autonomous Movement

    Hey, I was wondering, if there is a way to change in an event the autonomous movement. Meaning, I have an event that has the autonomous movement "random", but during a cutscene I want to change that to Fixed so that the npc doesn't wander around. Is there a way to do this?

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