1. dysphoria

    Help: Autorun with Conditions

    Hi, I'm new here. Maybe its a common question but I can't find an specific solution for this. Sorry if it is a noobish question. This is what I want to do: Protag starts in a Temple > Protag leaves the Temple > Protag talks with an NPC who activate a switch> Protag returns to temple and a...
  2. Al-Farizi

    Need Help!

    Hi there I have some problem with autorun event. Btw i hope i'm not post in wrong forum Ok i make a game for mobile, today i'm test it using Redmi 5A (my phone) and the game run well. But when i test it using my friend phone (Realme 5 Pro), the bug its happen:( , the bug is can't run autorun...
  3. Lock Movement on button press

    Hey everyone, this one should be simple, but I'm having issues figuring it out. I want to lock player movement while holding shift, like Diablo. I know autrun pauses movement, but I'm not sure how to make that work, and I don't want to lock any other commands. Thanks in advance.
  4. Can't move after autorun event

    So I've been making an event where the protagonist fights an enemy twice, before having a transition back to a safe space. However, he can't move afterwards. The character won't even turn to the sides, though I can open the menu. Is there a reason for that?
  5. Yawgmoth

    Eventing Stat Upgrade Skill

    Hi all, I'm attempting to create a skill that upgrades a stat and expends items when used, then increases the required item that is used permanently. I thought I had this solved, but unfortunately the common event I'm calling does not seem to increase the actor's stat at all. I suspect the...
  6. DragonSkills99

    Autorun Event once to change event image

    Hey Community, I'm currently developing a farming game. As far as now the stats are saved in a SelfVariable, now I wan't the event to load the specific image of the crop and then do nothing, but I can't you change the eventpage, cause then it's removing the image. If I leave the page open it...
  7. Kenvarus

    Player stuck in autorun event

    So after this event is supposed to end (i have it set up to self switch) my character cant be moved and cant interact with anything, I assume ive got something set up wrong with the looping i did for my text question so if i could get some imput on what i did wrong (or alternate problems if i...
  8. NPC Walk Through Door

    Hello all! This is probably the simplest thing to do in RPG Maker MV, but it's the only thing I can't figure out how to do. My NPC is in the middle of a room on Autorun. When my MC walks into the room, the NPC talks. After this happens, I want my NPC to walk up, open the door, and walk through...
  9. Character in cutscene appears but does not move

    In an intro autorun cutscene, I'm trying to make a character move after they appear. The character appears, but does not move. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Here is my code: Character that appears and should move (Character Appears 1)
  10. Mesajia

    Autorun on scriptcall?

    Hey everybody, I wanted to ask if there's a script call, which checks if an autorun event is running? I want to create a Hud with SumRndmDde's Hud Maker, which indicates that the player can't move at the moment. Thank you :)
  11. Trihan

    Trilobytes MV #1: Dude, Where's My Autorun?

    Dude, Where's My Autorun? Version 1.0 Created by Trihan Introduction Have you ever been test playing your game when all of a sudden the player couldn't move any more? Ah, crap, looks like you probably have an errant autorun event that's screwing things up. But this is a 500x500 map with 150...
  12. Rink27

    Trigger Event Page Once Upon Map Entry

    Just curious if there is a way to trigger an event once every time you enter a map. I'm aware it's done via using an erase event command afterwards, but I actually want to use the other pages of the event too. So I'm curious if there's some way to erase the event page of an event, so I can make...
  13. Cipher001

    Cutscene issues

    I'm currently trying out a test for an opening cutscene. The problem is, I'm only two weeks into using any sort of RPG product and therefore suffer from lack of experience. I've configured things thus far to run in one autorun event as the two events I had before, one autorun and one parallel...
  14. How to get an event to run automatically without autorun?

    Ok so, basically I have a script that can make an event flash repeatedly. Problem is, if I set the event to autorun the character can't move, so I'm looking for a way to get the event to run automatically without having the player to touch it or use an action button on it.
  15. Autorun Text Event Not Happening... What am I Doing Wrong?

    I recommend looking at the attached images for further explanation, but if you understand by my context alone, any help is appreciated. I am currently doing a challenge in VX Ace over the next few days, and the deadline is approaching fast. I am attempting to reintroduce myself back into the...
  16. Event movement break

    I have an event that I have walking through a maze when I put it on action button, event touch or player touch it will follow all directions perfectly however once I take it off action button, etc and put it on autorun or parallel it will do the first 5 steps and freeze everything  any Ideas...
  17. taarna23

    Autorun Events (Or: Why Can't I Move?)

    I've seen a lot of people struggle with autorun events, and I too have done the same. Character won't move and I know I've done something wrong with that new event, but I don't really know what. It wasn't until I recently learned how events process that it all made sense, and I wanted to share...
  18. Help with intro and Parallel Processes

    Hello,  I've only posted on this site once before, so if I do something wrong please forgive me! So I'm trying to create an intro to my game where there an animation playing in the background and text happening over it. I created the animation, and set it up like so: There is an autorun event...
  19. Missing Transfer player?

    So, my game starts off with a cut scene. I made the player transparent and put him out of the way. The problem I have now is the fact that when the cutscene is done, I'd assume you have the ability to teleport/transfer a player to a different map.  However All I have (when searching through the...
  20. ♥SOURCE♥

    Parallel Process Events Execution Bug Fix.

    Parallel Process Events Execution Bug Fix.   There is a problem with the execution of Parallel Process events in RPG Maker VX Ace (at least at the time of writing). Unlike Autorun events, they are not executed every update cycle (frame) by default due to a misplaced line in Game_Interpreter...

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