1. casper667

    [CSCA] AutoSave Plus

    CSCA AutoSave Plus By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 8/20/2012 Latest Version: 1.1 Introduction This script introduces an autosave feature, where the game will automatically save if the player: transfers map, finishes a battle, gains gold/armor/item/weapons(event command only), all options are...
  2. Coelocanth

    Autosave Control

    For many games, manual saving is the norm, and autosaves are there as a backup in case the game crashes so you don't lose too much progress. For those games, the MZ autosave system is a great addition. For other games, the autosave is more important and manual saving might not even be wanted...
  3. Drunken Paladin

    Autosave Plugins

    Hi everyone, there are a couple of autosave plugins out there, but they all offer slightly different features and none of them offer the exact ones I would like. Yanfly's automatically overwrites your latest save file, which is uncharacteristically not well thought out, but I do like the little...
  4. ekhartpl

    One save per character, with autosave/save&quit

    I was wondering how to get around creating a system where player has one save file per "new game". Basically, Player creates a new character, names him "Guts", makes him a barbarian. Save #1 is created upon starting new game - whenever player ends game, the only option is to save and quit...
  5. How to know what savefile is loaded?

    Hello! I'm new here and (I don't speak english very well, so I'll try my best to be understable) I wonder how to know what savefile is loaded with a script call. I'm trying to make if the player die somewhere, when he'll load the game again and go back where he was died, he'll be alble to see...
  6. Felski

    Felskis AutoSave Plugin

    Introduction This plugin enables autosaving in your game. It allows saving on differnt situations like on entering a map or closing the menu. You can also save during eventing using the plugin command AUTOSAVE. Requirements RPG Maker MV 1.6.1. Download Picture...
  7. JohnDoeNews

    JDN AutosaveLite

    ================================== ABOUT THIS PLUGIN - JDN_AutoSaveLite.js ================================== This plugin: Saves in a slot of your choice - when you switch maps ================================== TERMS OF USE ================================== Free to use for...
  8. JohnDoeNews

    AutoSave+ (Also for weather, day/night, skillgrid etc)

    ======================================== ABOUT THIS PLUGIN - JDN_AutoSavePlus.js ======================================== This plugin: Runs common event of your choice - when you switch maps - when you lvl up Saves or loads the game at a plugin command This is useful for: - Autosave - Weather...
  9. JohnDoeNews

    Autosave plugin

    This plugin is removed and replaced with AutoSave+ The new plugin is awaiting moderation, but will show up in the boards shortly. Reason for removing: My plugin was buggy, and forced the game to crash in occasions. I did not alter the old plugin, but I wrote a new one, one that is more stable...
  10. Matt Mats

    How to autosave?

    Hi there O/ I've got a little question again^^ Which scriptcall can I use to save the game in a specific data automatically? For example, the players walks a path, passes a certain event and this event saves the game in the background, the moment when the player stepped on it, and the...
  11. AutoLoad

    I'm looking for a way for the the game to automatically load a save file on startup, bypassing the the title screen and before the game actually 'begins'. As well as a method of force saving. Context: what I'm doing is a simple game that maintains a personal high-score automatically (the...
  12. Mudstep

    Autosave Plugin

    Does anyone here know an Autosave Plugin, which basically automatically saves when a player triggers an event or something like that? 
  13. twistedMind

    Save Continue Issue

    Can someone help to solve my save game problem  :(  I can't continue to complete my game with the issue right now. The problem is I can save my game manually but cannot continue or load my game from the main menu. The continue only greyed out, so why I can save the game if in the end I cannot...
  14. Otto

    Autosave Script

    Hi ^^ i'm searching for a "auto-save" script which works similar to this one by casper but with some major differences: when starting a new game, the player must chose a save slot (basically create the first save)***; no...
  15. deathsia

    Is there an autosave plugin that can save variables alone?

    What I'm meaning is, Lets say my main actor dies ones and the "times died" gets +1 followed by a gameover. Now i'm using orange autosave : And it works but there's one saves RIGHT BEFORE the gameover command inside the event...
  16. Please help me with Type Error

    Hello, I am doing an autosave, it saves on start of each map. I just created an event with a script call. DataManager.saveGame(1)It saves properly, but when I try to load it I get the error: Type Error: Cannot read property 'name' of null Please, can someone help me? Best regards.
  17. Fernyfer775

    Auto-Save Plugin

    Hello there. I would like to request (if one doesn't already exist) a basic auto-save plugin. In my game, certain items are randomized in quality, and I don't want players to abuse it by creating a save file, and then just re-loading the save file if they don't get the "best quality" item they...
  18. Schplee

    [Ace] Autosave calls with MOG_Scene_File_A

    Hi, I was wondering if any clever scripters could lend a hand with this problem. I am having trouble getting Todds autosave to work nicely with the Atelier MOG_Scene_File_A savescreen GUI.    The Atelier script has custom variables for time, location and other data. Todds script just creates a...
  19. MrPurpleDreadlocks

    YEA Save Engine + Dr. Todd's Autosave Problem (\w Name Fix)

    Hello all, I am using YEA Save Engine + Dr. Todd's Autosave Problem (\w Name Fix): Which is found here: My issue is when I have to transfer maps it returns this error to me. Here's my set up: module ToddAutoSaveAce #Autosave...
  20. Kes

    Yanfly Save Engine problem

    I am using Yanfly's Ace Save Engine, which can be found here: In addition, I am using Todd's mod to allow for an autosave function.  It consists of this, beginning at the original line 108 module ToddAutoSaveAce...

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