1. My edit of the RTP animated water tiles has a graphical glitch.

    My edit of the RTP animated water tiles has a graphical glitch. The side tiles when making sections that go vertical have a line extending into the water. Which is strange because the other water tile I edited does not experience the same problem. Here is a picture of the error: Here is a...
  2. Tea's Jams

    How to TileD Rpg Maker auto tile terrain tutorial

    TileD Rpg Maker auto tile terrain tutorial This is a very basic rundown of how to use RPG Maker MV auto tiles as terrains in TileD (Terrains are used like autotiles in TileD) It also covers how to animate RPG Maker animated autotiles in TileD. TileD is a very versatile map editor that can be...
  3. Autotiles are way too slow

    The waterfall tiles moves more slow than my dead grandma and with 48x48 tiles it looks really atrocious. ...Because more frames don't seem to be possible is there any method to speed it up? ...except creating ten thousands events just for a waterfall...
  4. KitteyWolf

    Transparent animated AutoTiles [MV]

    Hey! So I've been looking around for a way to make autotiles that have a transparent background, that way say i can use a watertile, on ANY terrain. having the ability to have a pond/lake that spans over many different terrain types. I looked around to see if someone had figured it out before-...
  5. Rishi Raj Jain

    Autotiles in MV

    General Talk After getting a very Negative Feedback from PokéCommunity about MV, I was forced to ask about Autotiles here. As most of you might know I'm working on Monster Maker : Pocket Monster edition (a.k.a Pokémon Essentials MV), and as I shared this news to Pokémon Fans on...
  6. Sharm

    Autotile templates for Pyxel Edit

    For those of you who own Pyxel Edit I've made a template for four sizes of autotiles. These templates aren't going to be useful in anything else, but in Pyxel Edit they're set up so that you can see different test configurations as you draw and make sure everything matches up the way you expect...
  7. mara_vertin

    RTP Edits

    Hello everybody! Well, I hope I do this right (and nobody did this already...) ... Just made some litte edits on the RTP and wanted to share. Free to use both commercial and non-commercial. You must own RPG Maker MV and credit Kadokawa (of course). :) I thought the grass looks a...
  8. kibcob

    Help needed with fixing some autotile behavior

    Once again, I have a problem that I cannot find the answer to. What has been happening is that I've been trying to create a part that appears elevated from the normal ground tiles, thanks to the rock wall A4 tiles. The following picture shows my problem. The part circled in red shows the...
  9. How to make rm2k roofs?

    is there a way to make roof tiles like the old square type autotiles from 2k? I mean, the ones that are drawn OVER the player at the top edges
  10. Asterion

    Forcing an autotile?

    Hi, all; I've been using RPGM for about a week now, and was hoping to get some input on something that's been vexing me from the start. A feature that I've wanted to have in my map is a stream of water flowing out from the base of a building. Unfortunately, the autotiling system has been sort...
  11. Tyruswoo

    Battle Background Control by Tyruswoo

    Battle Background Control Plugin by Tyruswoo For RPG Maker MV Description: Battle Background Control provides options for how battle backgrounds are assigned to maps that use an Overworld tileset. You can change which image files are used for the battle backgrounds for each...
  12. TheHybrid

    Picking a piece from an autotile

    So today I found out about the maps that are already in RPG Maker MV itself, so I decided to take a look. As soon as I opened the map "Stone Cave", I saw an autotile being modified to fit next to walls:     As you can see, there's a clear difference between the way they used the autotiles on...
  13. Valkyriet

    Requestion ice autotile

    Ello! I was hoping if someone could possibly whip up an autotile from this (or teach me how to). It can either be in xp or vxa format :3
  14. supercow

    Supercow Tilesets

    SUPERCOW TILESETS im just gonna pile all tilesets i've made here in the past or later in the future. all these resources is for non commercial game only. dont forget to credit if used. critique is welcomed. 1.Lufia Tileset: 2.Lufia Dark Tileset: Screenshot: 3.Christmas Tileset...
  15. Program for easy creation of Autotile tilesets.

    Hello! I was working on my 2D rpg engine and realized a feature I had made could be made into a standalone program and would help out your community a great deal. Basically it takes 2  32x32 tiles and an alphamask, and outputs a 64x64 block, which is the autotile format. I don't know of I'm...

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