1. cradth

    RMMV Demonio - One Final Wish

    DEMONIO - ONE FINAL WISH Latest version : -On Progress- Sequel >> Demonio 2 STORY Before the lifeforms were brought forth, or ever the Faith One had formed the Mortal World, the First Light was personified as the Goddess of Beauty and the Sun, Lucille. Along with the King of Beast and the...
  2. cradth

    RMMV Demonio 2 - The Two Oracles

    DEMONIO 2 - THE TWO ORACLES Latest version : Demo v1.02 Prequel >> Demonio Sequel >> Demonio 3 STORY You'll play as the demon king, Lapans, who meets two shamans with two contradictory ideas of doomsday vision. One foresees a day when the humans bring destruction to the world, but the other...
  3. cradth

    RMMV LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

    Latest version : DEMO v1.89 ( 300MB ) -> Download Full Version ( On Progress ) PLAYABLE CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS GAMEPLAY BATTLE MECHANICS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ELMSPHERE LINK Each Elmsphere is working in conjunction with other equipped Elmsphere. It means...
  4. cradth

    RMVXA Avelions 2 - All Stars

    AVELIONS 2 - ALL STARS Demo version Developer : Radian F (cradth) Latest version : Demo v1.02 +STORY+ ...Ferdinan deiz Marceil was originally a Historia summoned by the Avelion of the Northern Sky, Maegarf Thal. Widely considered to be a genius Archmage, Ferde becomes a hope for...
  5. cradth

    RMVX Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

    AVELIONS 4 : ORACION MEMOIRS Latest version : Full ENGLISH v6.08 STORY This story centers on the journey of formerly high ranked military commander, Eiriou Finhrouced, who attempted to kill a member of the Epsylian Council, and became the nation's most wanted criminal. He believes...
  6. cradth

    RMVXA Avelions 3 - Crimson Wars

    AVELIONS 3 - CRIMSON WARS Demo version Latest version : 1.26 +STORY+ In the year 779 MA, a hundred knights where chosen to go on a dangerous mission by the Epsylian Council. The mission, led by an Aelther Warlord code-named "Neptune", was to occupy, a camp of Looset Empire. This...
  7. cradth

    Avelions - The Ancestors

    AVELIONS - THE ANCESTORS Full version Developer : Radian F (cradth) Latest version : Extended v5.30 STORY Mankind finds itself being slaughtered by immortal beings called "Grimoire". Where did they come from, or why are they doing this, are not known. 42 powerful guilds...

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Just about finished I reckon.
This could probably be an entire thread, but it’s really interesting how replaying a game several years later can change how you relate to a character. I think Tidus from FFX got such a bad rap. I getchu. Completely different reaction as an adult now.
As you see, I still enjoy writing tutorials. Is there anything specific you want to see? (I know mapping and editing/resource making is usually popular, but those are very broad topics)
Well, I wanted to expand player battlers visually and now have 3 sheets and counting for each of my players party.
1. Regular sheet
2. The character has turned stone sheet.
3. Using potions sheet.

Technically the main hero has 4 since he starts with a wooden sword, and I felt that the battler should reflect that until he gets a metal one.

Right back to the RM game dev grind in about 15 minutes. :LZSexcite:

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