1. Avery

    Doing some magic with colors on faces - recoloring faces

    Hello folks! I wanted to write a tutorial about face editing next, but I figured, that having one about recoloring is a step that I should take before. Also, this tutorial is made with GIMP: https://www.gimp.org/ (Insert a passive aggressive comment about: "I do not have a graphic program, so...
  2. Avery

    RPG Maker MV Spotlight - Spot on resources

    Hello folks! In this thread I'm gonna collect some very good resources that are pretty unknown to most people - of course I'm gonna highlight good stuff, but if you can't find Vibrato or PandaMaru on your own I can't help you ;3 So see it as incomplete resource list to add the things you've...
  3. Avery

    Stand tall - A list for tall MV Sprites

    I did not want to hijack @mlogan s thread, so I made a new one, I am sorry if that causes any inconvenience, but I got several people asking where to get tall MV sprites and I felt there was a need for a list that is as complete as possible. I only state if commercial use is generally okay, for...
  4. Dungeonmind

    Elsa MV Side View Battler and beyond with possible face expressions?

    Hello. Since this is directly related to @Avery 's Elsa I will tag her here. The title says it all! I want to make my daughter in law an Elsa game because she seen the great sprites Avery made and face set. Here's a thread with Avery showing how to make MV sprites and it has the Elsa sprite I am...
  5. Avery

    Smooth autotiles - a 5 minute hack to nice transitions

    I see a lot people having struggle with that, so here is a quick and easy solution I wanted to share. Step 1: There is this tile in Dungeon_A2 - cut it out. Step 2: Duplicate it two times and merge the 3 layers. Step 3: and Add your two terrains as seperate layers. Step 4: Add a...
  6. Avery

    Fantastic SV beasts and where to find them - a list

    I needed to do something where I don't need to think much, and a list was perfect for that purpose. Many games use SV Battlers, but many want to use SV Enemies as well - now we face a problem. A huge problem: SV Battlers are a huge amount of work, and not all artists can be mixed up. Some are...
  7. Avery

    What the RTP is missing! MV Edition

  8. Avery

    Graphic Hacks! - Workarounds for everyone

    Hello o/ This is Avery and today I am going to pretend I had no idea how to draw or pixelate. While doing so, I will face certain graphic problems most developer meet while creating a game and show ways to deal with them. Probably you already know some of them, but hopefully there is one or...
  9. Avery

    Killing me softly... - Down poses for MV!

    @Candacis had suggested something like that long time ago, better late then never, I guess ;3 For best results, download the tutorial image and look at in a graphic programm of your chice so you can zoom in whenever you need it! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know! I highly...
  10. Avery

    How to enlarge your icons with 3 simple tricks!

    You don't need to use those tricks on the Ace RTP icons as I already did (MV II). If you have questions, feel free to ask! And it just looks so much better than blurry upscaling <3
  11. Avery

    Make Sprites great again! - A nice MV workaround

    For best results, download the tutorial image and look at in a graphic programm of your chice so you can zoom in whenever you need it! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know! I highly recommend to read @hiddenone 's or my sprite tutorial first (or best, both!).
  12. Avery

    Do it, Baby! - MV Pose/Behaviour Linklist

    Everything is better when animated! So I gathered a list full of poses,behaviours and templates for both! Templates Avery - wheelchair and fishing bases Joey - emotional expressions bases Rachelsaurus - music animation and baby bases takenflyght - beer drinking and lute template...
  13. Avery

    Tileset Edits for RMMV - Some basic things

    I started this for the learning together event, but as life goes, I couldn't finish it in time. Nontheless, I finished it today and I hope it helps you to improve your skills in this area. if there is anything unclear, let me know! At first I need to say that I use mainly two programms when...
  14. Avery

    Character Sprites for MV

    Now that RPG Maker MV is out we have a bunch of entirely new graphics to work with. Since I haven’t seen a MV specific Sprite tutorial so far, I decided to write one on my own . Of course many of the things are not just useful for MV, but if you are only interested in this style, it’s easier to...
  15. Avery

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Welcome to my MV resources! Here you can find a bit of everything, since I am a jack of all trades regarding resources :3 I hope you can find a use for some of them^^ What can you expect? Nightmare horses your heroes or antagonists can ride into battle, a full ship tileset, vehincle tiles...
  16. Avery

    RMMV compatible Icons

    Icon styled you could use instead of the normal MV icons:   Red ones are my favourite ones   Yanfly MV Ace icons http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/23/freebies-mv-ready-ace-icons/ Edits of Ace or MV Icons/Graphics BonBon's Icons Edits (He has also blank MV backgrounds on which you could place...
  17. Avery

    Where to find more animations!

    With a lot of help by dear slimmeiske2, I now finally set up a list where you can find battle animations for all your needs! I am open for new sources, so if you know something to expand the list leave a post :) A Artificial Providence - Translated terms B Bubble Blog C CalebW Cho/CHOGEMU -...
  18. Avery

    Big Icons - Overview

    If you know more sources or scripts, tell me please :) Icons are pretty awesome, but having the same 24*24 Icons for everything is sometimes not the best solution. If you game just has few items your menus will look pretty empty, but there are a lot more options where you can use Big Icons.  ...
  19. Avery

    Icon Tutorial - Big Icons

    Previous informations: I use Graphicsgale; 1500% - 2000% Zoom. Basic icon informations can be found here, so if you have nothing to resize or haven't worked with icons yet, have a look at this first: Icon Tutorial - How to create potions/glass This tutorial should be read zoomed in - I recommend...
  20. Avery

    [MV added!]Resource Generators - A face for your hero

    Inspired by slim's list I now digged up my motivation to build up a list I wanted to to for some time...   Charsets XP Generator Character Maker XP Chargen Extended (also Generator Parts) HBGames online Generator Moonpearls RGSS Char Generator (also Generator Parts) XP Charset Generator  ...

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