1. Avery

    Resource Blacklist - The resources you should definitly not use

    I have made this list a while ago on a German forum, but I thought it would be useful to have it here as well. If there's any problem with it, please tell me. I don't want any discussion about using Rips the chance of getting punished for using stolen stuff, this is just to give you the...
  2. Avery

    Icon Tutorial - How to create potions/glass

    This tutorial was created as one image, so you can simply save it and zoom in whenever you need it. It is that narrow so you can read it in 400% zoom without any issues. If you have any questions, ask ;> I'd love to see what you create referring to this! Those icons are meant to fit the...
  3. Avery

    Where to find RMXP resources x)

    Heyho^^   Sometimes it's hard to find the reources you need for your project, therefore it's good to know, where the stuff is located. Since I primarly use RMXP, here's what I collected through the years.   Some links and descriptions are by the lovely slimmmeiske2, thank you <3  ...
  4. Avery

    Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    -No repost or post of edits without my permission!- Hello everyone o/ This is obviously my icon workshop and at the same time my showcase for my Ace-RTP-matching icons, Big Icons, modular icons and own styled MV Icons. Please read the rules carefully before you request...

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