1. Avery

    Smooth autotiles - a 5 minute hack to nice transitions

    I see a lot people having struggle with that, so here is a quick and easy solution I wanted to share. Step 1: There is this tile in Dungeon_A2 - cut it out. Step 2: Duplicate it two times and merge the 3 layers. Step 3: and Add your two terrains as seperate layers. Step 4: Add a...
  2. Adassio Studios

    RMMV Dystopia [Game in Development]

    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] P.D Twitter's up in case any of you want to follow the updates of the game with more frequency! https://twitter.com/AdassioStudios Heads up for Dystopia and upcoming news!~
  3. Rog


    DOWNLOAD HERE Hello! I'm seeking feedback for a Batman RPG. I'm just doing it for fun it'll always be free. Its deep in its earliest stage of development so please feel free to dig deep and point out anything that needs fixing! I expect the game to be fully functional before too long. Made...
  4. Lunarea

    Birthday Sale!

    And what kind of a birthday bash would we have without a big sale?! This week only, enjoy major discounts on most of our products in our Main Store! For resource packs: 65% off!** Use coupon code: happy **excludes RPG Maker MV Essentials, RPG Maker MV Cover Pack, as well as all...
  5. ??????

    Customizable Destination Sprite

    Destination Sprite By Dekita     Information: This system allows for MUCH more control over the 'destination sprite', you know, that thing that flashes at your destination when you click to move? Anyway, this plugin changes that from the default white square, to whatever image you want it to...
  6. Archeia


  7. Sato1999

    Yang's Animated Battlers(Update 08/16/2016)

    Hi citizens of RPG Maker Web, I'm here presenting to you some Holder-Styled Battlers that I either created them myself, or edited an existing one. Terms are, the same as Holder's, feel fre to use them to wahtever you want, just credit me and him and other artists mentioned in the sheets...
  8. Demise

    This topic is on the story "Demise" it's a story with a huge amount of lore and would be perfect for a game or anime. This is the place to discuss about the story. link to story: http://www.wattpad.com/story/17693170-demise Link to Wiki,not...
  9. Sato1999

    Status Script Workshop

    hello im YangFly. I am here to aside from giving ya custom script to improve my scripting Also im doing ONLY status scripts. Examples: What you will need: A Mockup(like this:) And a little of patience. :) Terms of use: Free to Use in any game(including Commercial and Hentai games) but...
  10. Express is on the go!

    Hello there my name is Silver who (stupidly) started this Express thingy which I have this for Snow. Silver Express and Blues Express is also mine. For now I am just a amateur scripter.(The bad amateur way.) Well I'm also talented at making box art designs, characters and sprites. I use open...
  11. AwesomeCool

    In Development - Chaotic Battle system

    By: Awesomecool   What is it? A battle system that throws movement into the mix to add a different type of flavor to battle. Version 0.7 out! Tell me of any bugs please. Example of it in action (early alpha footage):   Features Done:   Features still being worked on:   Suggestions on what to...
  12. Sato1999

    Jitter's stuffs!

    Hello! I think it should be time for me to create my sprite topic. I make animated battlers, but no chibis, the reason is because i'm not good with either tiny or big images. Acepting requests! Terms of use: Here's my holder styled battlers:(In order of making) Since rips aren't...
  13. Lunarea

    Super Awesome Face Contest

    Gather around, everyone for a mini weekend contest! Our staff has seen the magnificence of the Random Face thread, and we simply could not deny the TRUE potential of the randomly generated faces - the potential to score you some goodies. And thus, this incredible Super Awesome Face Contest was...
  14. Sato1999

    How to find notetags?

    Can someone plz tell me how to find notetags? Usuaaly i check Yanfly's scripts first when i want to see how to do something. But notetags seems too confusing for me. example:I want to check if an state(example) has a <poison> note tag, how would i do it? edit: the script have to find...
  15. hyde9318

    Goodbye, friend of the world...

    I am sure the news is out worldwide by now, and I am even more sure that you guys are probably already sick of seeing so many people talk about this, but I thought that I would take a minute and honor an amazing human being, Robin Williams, who passed away recently.  Roughly six years ago, I...
  16. Lunarea

    Dungeon Music Pack

    We've got a real treat for you today... A brand new AMAZING music pack created by our very own Scythuz! This fantastic pack features 25 themes that are perfect for any dungeon, cave and dangerous place. Click here for more info and some music samples. Member+, don't forget your discount...
  17. Solo

    Mega May!

    So... is anyone else enjoying Mega May on the 3DS eShop? ^_^ Mega Man IV (GB) is supposed to be released today, as a matter of fact. What are your favorite GB Mega Man games? Any you DON'T like? I know a lot of people dislike MMII (again, not the NES one, Mega May is all about GB/C games), but...
  18. Alpacamatrix

    The Last Hero

      Hey guys. I'm Alpacamatrix (Aka Jack) and I recently got RPG Maker VX Ace. Now, I'm into computer programming and the like, so it seems obvious that I would love RPG Maker and all the logistics that come with making RPGs. I haven't gotten too good at mapping (yet,) but I would like to think...
  19. Jiggy

    WE Need You (Yes YOU) In My Team

    Hello everyone! My name is Jigs. It's a reeeaaally weird name. haha. You probably have seen this before but if not, I am making a non-commercial game using RPG Maker VX Ace. I am already working with a team, but I need more help. And that means I NEED YOU. :D here it goes >.<   Story...
  20. Kyouki

    Script for Unlock Code item

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a script or script skeleton that would allow me to put in an unlock code. As the player progresses through the game, certain codes will appear and it could unlock some sweet items and abilities. I thought about just having an item that once you have it or give it to...

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