1. remainderstudios

    [Vx Ace] Prevent the player from going through walls when jumping

    I have a small engine that allows you to jump back using the "jump" command. if the player looking right, jump -1 X + 0 Y (jump back) and so on with the other directions. the problem is that the player goes through the walls. I already tried blocking the walls with the Yanfly Engine Ace -...
  2. ovate

    Bonsaiheldin - Treasure chests (front/back)

    I'm sharing Bonsaiheldin's Treasure chests here that I formatted for VX Ace. I added two frames between closed & opened chest and back version. Features - Gold, silver and wooden frames - With and without locks - Front and back Credit: Bonsaiheldin License- Creative Commons BY 4.0 license...
  3. ovate

    Characters Sprite Battlers (RTP)

    Battlers based on characters sprite. For those who are looking for alternate style. For actors there are two views- front or back. They're in separate folders. Includes: 50 actors, 50 enemies Preview Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them for RPG Maker...
  4. ovate

    XP Chests reformatted (front/back, left/right)

    I reformatted XP Chest for compatibility with VX Ace. Despite the alternate style, direction of facing left/right are available. Preview- Front/Back Left/Right Mimic Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them for RPG Maker projects. Free to use in...
  5. Battle Background Problem

    I'm still confused on what's going on, but I'll keep this short. ^^^ This is what it looks like whenever a battle encounter happens to my project... however as you can see, it didn't take any background picture as the background in-combat. It just looks like what it was before the encounter...
  6. Pherocity_Studios

    Mobile Name Input

    I'm making a game that will be heavily directed at mobile platform. The vanilla name input process is close to what I need, but is missing a few things. For starters, there is no back or delete button in the window. So players will not be able to delete any typed characters. Also, the current...
  7. EliteFerrex

    Battle BGM/Battleback Problems

    Hello, everyone. I'm having difficulty trying to make sure my battle BGMs and Battle Backs work correctly once the player has access to the Ship, because I don't want the wrong Battle Back or BGM playing in the wrong area of the world map. Before the player had the Ship, I simply controlled...
  8. Teleport please help me

    Hello guys! I need your help please!! I have following problem: I need help with a teleport. On this Picture you can see a Crystal. If you access it, you can either save OR teleport to the APEX (The APEX are different maps, designed like Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X, every...
  9. Revert Database?

    Okay, so I want to revert the database to it's default. I would just make another project but I made some good progress. Please tell me if I'm not being specific enough. Thanks!
  10. Changing Battleback Back

    Hello, I am currently lost in one place in my project. I have made a skill that apart from dealing large amount of damage changes the battleback to relfect the destruction that followed the use of the skill. However, changing the battleback during the battle (I have a script fix to be able to...
  11. Dante S. Ryu

    Exporting RMMV Games as APK for androids

    Hi, I was trying to export an APK file from a RMMV project and put it on Google Play. I did it with Intel XDK, following tutorials, then I got my APK uploaded. Then, however, I realise there are some problems. 1.) There is no "Back Button" in option menu, which is on the title page...
  12. Android's back key - ingame function

    Greetings. I've been working on my first somewhat serious project on RMMV and after toying around a bit with the game on my phone I realised it could be really useful if I could use the physical back key of my phone for any function ingame. Currently I have it so it doesn't force exit the...
  13. firestalker

    Beach Battle Back

    I created a Battle Back for a battle that takes place on a beach.  I created it for the SV Battle, but I think it could be used for the FV as well. There is no Battle Back 2, so make that "None" when you use this... Also i have one with and one without Palm Trees. Let me know what you think...
  14. defunct-user

    From the ashes of doubt burn a NEW FLAME of unbridled .. oh, I'm back, people!

    Formerly known as Iron Croc-- After a very long hiatus, I have returned. Life lesson, kids,  Don't let yourself get too stressed out! About ANYTHING! Anyhoo, life events and drama happened so I was out of commission. Bigtime. But now I'm back to stay.  Slowly but surely, I will get done what...
  15. Treegen

    Doors and keys

    Any help with going back through a door that you just came through on the same map? i made a door and it needed a key and the key worked but everytime i try to go back through it, it doesn't let me :/ i fiddled around with it and i was able to go back but now i can walk through the door and its...
  16. dragonborn99

    Heya, I'm back!

    Heya guys, I am dragonborn99; a big lover of anything that involves fantasy or RPG Gaming. I came to this site about a year ago whilst I was working on a project... which was never completed. But now; I am back, with more fish and crabs and the world on my shoulders. *Ahem* Back to the serious...
  17. Xenophil 2.0

    Back Somewhat~

    Well, guess it has come to this guys. xD I am back out of sheer boredom  and a want to make a horror based puzzle game. Those who know me feel free to hti me up, those who don't feel free to get to know me! :D

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