1. tale

    RM2k RTP Animations, Battlebacks, and Monsters for XP

    Some scale work are involved to fit in with RPG Maker XP. Animations are scale 2x with nearest neighbor. These animations are suitable for projects with pixel aesthetics. Contains- Arrow, Axe, Barrier, Bite, Blow, Breath, Buff, Claw, Dark, Debuff, Earth, Explosion, Fire1-2, Holy, Ice, Other...
  2. JardsonJean

    29 Realistic Backgrounds in PNG, 960x540, free to use and modify

    DOWNLOAD: 29 Realistic Backgrounds in PNG, 960x540, free to use and modify. PREVIEW 1 PREVIEW 2 This is a new collection of images edited and repurpose from, for people to use as background for battles in RPG Games...
  3. Silenity

    Looking for a digital art service

    Anyone know a good place to commission rpg work? The resource shops on the forum don't seem to be very active or have what I'm looking for.

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Time to add the support for import/export default RMXP maps. Maybe there will be customized tileset support later. In theory, I can reimplement the entire RMXP inside this RMXP-made game to make more RMXP games. :kaojoy:RMXPFORMATSUPPORT.jpg
Gonna make a story driven game someday in RPG Maker about this diseased character in my head. Will keep you posted, although I was warned by the authorities that posting too much would be considered 'spamming' so I WON'T SPAM. It'll be before I go in anyways. It's gonna be messed up but it won't be explicitly pornographic so don't worry, I'll give all the content warnings. :barf::barf::barf:
If you're a RM plugin developer, and you're reading this...

Thank you. You're awesome. Even if I haven't used your plugin, your work is appreciated.
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