1. Hyouryuu-Na

    Online save backup using events

    Hello ^^ I've been working on this online save backup system for quite some time now. It turned out pretty good and it's highly customizable since it is fully evented. Want a demonstration? Before I get to the explanations, there's some things you should know: What is this? -->This is an...
  2. XGuarden

    Data lost

    I just got a computer crash. And many of my json file seem to be empty now. I can't open my projet. Any way to recover data? RPG maker really did't make backup of file during save process in case of crash?
  3. mahan

    How do you backup your files

    Ok, after a lot of incidents of corrupted game files and frustrations XD I want to ask the community on how you protect and backup your files.. currently I am using woratana's backup script but it just backup my DATA files when I run my project.. because in unknown reasons or maybe my project...

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