1. _Shadow_


    So, it happens like this: Someone comes to you, because you are very experienced, thus a "wizard" when it comes to computers. "Hey <instert your name here with sweet cute voice>. How is it going? I need your help! My computer will not boot start". And you know that this is not gonna be...
  2. Dalph

    Videogames you're bad at.

    I was talking with Scythuz about videogames that we are really bad at playing so I got this idea to make a thread and discuss about this particular subject. Is there a particular game (or more than one), or maybe just a game genre that it's not really for you? Something that you really can't...
  3. Bonkers

    IGMC material - Badly played music

    I am in need of a simple piece of music a beginner can play from the public domain, such as Swan Lake.  The instrument can be any that is played in a high school band. The piece needn't be longer than a few seconds or 1 min in length.  The music must be terrible and show a distinct lack of...
  4. _Shadow_

    [Sharing Solved Issue ] Graphics performance issue (blurry scrolling) on VX ACE

    Are you a person that has VX Ace and map scrolling has a jitter, like blurry graphics instead of smooth that makes the game look like trash? Do not worry. It's not VX Ace. It's the AMD CPU you use. It seems AMD CPUs have some performance issues, when it comes to RPG Maker. So what you...
  5. _Shadow_

    [BAD JOKES] So fail that was a win!

    Was there a joke you said that you can count it as the worst joke ever? Avoid racist, fanatic, religious and whatever is inappropriate or against the forum rules. Just tell us one of your worst jokes, that was SO fail that became a WIN. For instance, I have one: What is the most shiny...
  6. mididragon

    Random Starting character good or bad?

    What if you started as a random character, having the ability to obtain super rare characters or normal one's so..., the idea is for: party members, bosses and, maybe even the story to be chosen randomly. maybe your first play through your a legendary hero bent on taking down a dragon king...
  7. Rpgmakeing101


    I've made some edits to the RTP... http://i.imgur.com/5FnmV21.png It's Red Eye colored Ralph, and also some emotions for the yellow haired girl. http://i.imgur.com/JJycV8c.png It's just inverted animals...

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