1. enemy scale with player level or not?

    do you guys prefer enemy scale with your level or have raw stat? for those who play FFVIII, you guys must have known that enemies stat scale with player lv, but are there limitations? for example, the beginning enemy stat can rival player stat when max lv. if add limit, they only up to lv 10...
  2. Hero_Claive

    Balancing damage output with low stats (MV, Ace)

    Hey all, I'm here today to give an overview on how to create more balanced damage output using lower stats. If you've ever played bigger franchises like Final Fantasy or Pokemon, you'll notice that the stats intentionally begin very low (10-20) and end up in the multiple 100s range. The purpose...
  3. D-D-D-Dan

    Balancing Random-/Multitarget Skills

    Hey there guys and gals. I have been working on balancing my combat system which after some (ALOT) of trial and error has been moderately successfull. Now i have been working on my Random-/Multitarget Skills. I have balanced them in a way of cost and damage but i still have issues with the...
  4. Wavelength

    Issues using Cooldowns to balance skill power

    I've come upon a really interesting design issue while creating a magic-centric battle system that doesn't require the player to spend any resources (such as MP) to use skills. The design so far has used Cooldowns as a way to gate the frequent use of powerful skills, rather than MP costs. The...
  5. wonderjosh3000

    Balanced 4-Person Party

    I thought this concept would be more common but in my searches here I couldn't find a thread specifically about this. So why not start one? And, really, I should say that I'm not thinking specifically of a warrior/thief/mage/cleric kind of party, but combinations of stat/skill types! As in one...
  6. atoms

    Wanting three separate buffing skills mechanic. Best balance? Your thoughts?

    I am looking for some input and thoughts about how to handle three stacked buffs and debuffs in a RPG Maker MV game. I was thinking of having buff and debuff skills that can stack three times, each at the moment lasting 5 turns. What % amount would you recommend them to be? Using the default...
  7. "Base stats" outside of class?

    Hello. I'm trying to create standalone stats for some of my characters. My game would have a set amount of classes (8 or so) along with many more playable characters than what's normal (think Fire Emblem: SD or Chrono Cross). What I am looking for is for each actor to have its own innate or...
  8. Canini

    RMVXA Dauðra Dura (the doors of the dead) One map ten events entry

    Dauðra Dura (The doors of the dead) SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT Controls Z interacts with objects X Opens the menu A Jumps M opens the spell and item menu Shift...
  9. Damage types for weapons

    Hello. I'm looking to make a game with RMMV. I've dabbled with RPG Makers in the past, but have never completed anything past a small demo. I do know basic eventing and can make small vanilla games, but that's it. While creating my classes and weapons for my current game, I realized that all my...
  10. HumanNinjaToo

    Help to balance weapons

    I would like to know what steps you all have taken to balance out the weapons portion of your game. For example, I don't like the idea of having 15 different swords that all get stronger from town to town. I like the idea of having a set amount of weapons, all of them different and useful in...
  11. ScientistWD

    When the Damage is Just Too High

    So, I have a bit of a design problem. It hasn't become a huge problem yet, but I anticipate that it might become one, and in that event I'd like to have a solution made up ahead of time. Part 1: Damage Formulas. I'm using simple ratio damage formulas. They tend to take the form (a/b) * c, were a...
  12. BloodletterQ

    Making your project tough but fair.

    Worried about making my project become too difficult or easy to break. Wondering what are some thoughts in this board regarding the ideal level of difficulty in an RPG without being too unfair. Any RPGs I should look into?
  13. Arithmetician

    Ailment Success Rates

    Of course, balancing the effectiveness of status ailments is a big problem in RPGs. Often, success rates are so low that they're practically worthless for the party, essentially wasting their turns. But if ailment success rates are too high, the entire enemy party can be hobbled in short...
  14. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    what makes a skill OP

    this is something i have been wondering about for a while now...... lately i have started making skills that my friends call RP due to when they become avalible and not their effect as an exsample my spell grand healing is avalible at the very beginning of the game, costs 90 AP and its...
  15. LightningLord2

    Crafting balance: situational traits

    One thing I have decided upon is to make equipment progress focused around crafting more than just buying them or trying to get them as rare drops. While balancing out availability is not that much an issue, a problem would be the access to gear resisting elements or status effects. The thing...
  16. Jomy10

    Balanced classes

    Hey everyone, I'm making a game and I want to balance out my classes, but I have no clue on how to do it. Is there a list somewhere of pre-made classes? Or does anyone have a technique to do this? Thanks in advance, Jonas
  17. GoodSelf

    Is this a balanced stat distribution?

    So, I was going to design a game using a 50 point system, meaning that I can assign 50 points on a blank slate to create a character; Here are the values each point represents: HP / 1Point = 10 HP MP, and all Paramaters / 1Point = 2 In this system, a perfectly balanced character would have...
  18. Oriceles

    Super easy enemy balance method

    Introduction One of the hardest parts for me on RPG Maker have been how to balance the enemies, I'm not fond of having same monster of different color being harder than the previous. We have Yanfly Enemy Levels as solution for this, but when I came to a practical use of it,  it was hard...
  19. Damaris

    JRPG, Character Balance Sheet Concept

    Concept Sheet:   So I'm about to start digging into the mechanical development of characters in my game, and started thinking about how to balance them. I created the above chart in an attempt to make it clear to myself how the balancing in my game (Specifically between...
  20. xanax48

    Cuz I'm a BOSS!

    BOSS: I'm the boss of this area. Therfore I have high HP, Defense and Attack stats. You'll never be able to put me to sleep, blind me or use other tactics that you may have found useful lately. I may even take a few cheap shots every now and then.  Protagonist: Don't you think that's a little...

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