1. RMMV Devil's Dungeon 2: Development and Idea Threat

    Purpose of this thread: Gathering ideas, plugins and other stuff. About the game: A completely FREE Dungeon Crawler with 100 floors with Rpg Maker MV. Why free? I simply find most RPG maker games horrendous when it comes to complexity, variety as well as tactics. They are not "skill-based"...
  2. KrimsonKatt

    How do I Balance My Game?

    So I was working on my game and finally got done finishing developing chapter 1, but then when I started playtesting I realized that I made my game FAR too hard for all the wrong reasons. Attacks either do far too little or far too much damage. I want the damage in chapter 1 to be 75-100 damage...
  3. captainette777

    No weapons to equip?

    Hi all, I kinda had a small epiphany when playtesting my game: I have a brief tutorial in my game where the player learns how to approach and battle enemies. Before they approach the enemy however, there are 3 items laid before them on the map-- a healing potion, some gold, and a weapon to...
  4. Canini

    Starting out with a lot of cash, choose your path by buying equipment

    In some games (let us take the original Kingdom Hearts as an example) there is a choice available for the player to influence stat progression. At the start of Kingdom Hearts the player is given a choice between a shield, a sword and wand and this influences you stat progression as you level up...
  5. TheoAllen

    Ougi / Ultimate Skill

    I never find a sweet spot of making an ultimate skill in every game concept I made. Maybe, because the way I design, it does not require any ultimate skill. I once tried to put one, but it feels forced, either because enemy died too fast, or it take long / costly to cast. And it also render a...
  6. Canini

    Ranger type character that do pre-emptive damage

    I am working on a game with random encounters. For this game I have a ranger class that I want to have two abilities: 1 low stats, but can do pre-emptive damage at the start of every battle. 2 scout out region ids to find what monster may be encountered there as well as their levels and...
  7. Lyseth

    RPGMVXA: easy balancing tutorial

    Hello, I'm here with my first tutorial, a simple balancing tutorial, now I'll be sharing how I balance out my game projects, we'll be going over, enemies, armor/weapons, cash income rewards, skills, and bosses. Enemies: As we all know, monsters and bandits are basically the...
  8. Uzuki

    Recruiting For Balancing Director (Non-Commercial, MV)

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone that is comfortable working with small numbers and Yanfly's Armor Scaling plugin. Although not a personal project, all of the main story dialogue has been written and a third of the game is already completed. If you chose to take the position, your job will...
  9. Wind.Force

    Considering to sell my services for Game Designing

    I'm a graduate holder of Diploma in Game Design and I want to offer my services for a close 1 to individual/team in giving my opinions in terms of Game Design, Mechanics and etc. Why? I seen a lot of people wanting to make games in RPGMAKER - and very often, they ended up being not that fun...
  10. BlackRoseMii

    Looking for someone to help me with balancing

    Since I'm just a beginner in game developement, I have yet to understand how to balance my game. I've tried to understand it myself, I've searched for tutorials, but I honestly still don't quite get it. I don't even know where to start. At this rate, my game might never be released and I...
  11. Vanessa

    Parameter stats balancing [help me]

    Hello guys I'm developing a kind of modern rpg, so i'm having a little trouble with logic; exp parameters and stats. I have a character who reconsidered as a prodigy, using spear-like weapon but also able to cast magic. I think i need to balance this girl, but i can't say she's a magician or a...
  12. TheoAllen

    Damage Reduction?

    Generally, the damage reduction is based on the defense point. In default formula, it was a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2But you can also use physical damage rate and magical damage rate to reduce the damage by percentage Another option is to use element damage rate. It also use the percentage But...
  13. CheshireJelly


    Hey... I'm somewhat new to RPG Maker Vx Ace and I was wondering if someone could help me... You see I'd like the attacks and enemies and things like to blance out... I've tried and I only seem to make the enimies too difficult to kill or the player is over powered... I want a system like that in...
  14. Archeia

    RPG Maker VXA/MV/MZ Damage Flow

    An infographic to teach people how the damage/recovery is calculated in vxace! This infographic is made by @Archeia and @rhyme. Thank you to these people for helping me figure out the EXACT flow and formulas :D Recommended that you open this image in another tab or click on it over here if...
  15. Lowell

    Game Design 101: Encounters

    In the Rpg Maker Community, one of the many overlooked areas is battles. A majority of users tend to make basic creatures with stats randomly thrown about to give the illusion of a difficult fight, never using a theme or giving them a specified role in combat. In an effort to improve upon this...

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