balloon icon

  1. Arpy_G

    RMMZ Custom *Animated* Balloon Icons for MZ

    Hi RPG Maker squad! I'm very new to RPG Maker in general, so this inquiry may have alternatives to what I'm suggesting to achieve the same result, and in which case, do tell! Anyhow, I'm hoping for an ability to make animated balloons for the characters to react with, such as the built in...
  2. Mooshry

    RMMV Shift Balloon Icons?

    So in my game, the balloon icons are diagonal like in scribblenauts instead of the default straight down. The problem is, since the balloon icons are usually supposed to point down, it looks weird when they show up directly above the npc instead of to their upper right. Now you may ask, why am...
  3. Kristina

    Balloon Icons Height

    Hi game makers! Is there a way to change balloon icons height position? I can't seem to find a way that works, no matter what I do.
  4. Kristina

    Balloon Icon Resources?

    I have seen many balloon icons people have made but they're mostly for VX/VX Ace. So I'm searching for balloon icons for MV in a different style, but can't seem to find any. Does anyone know where to find any?
  5. tale

    Balloon Display for Event

    Balloon Display for Event 2015-01-25 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction A balloon will be displayed on top of the player's head when they are in front of an event. Instructions: Comment <balloon id> on event Preview How to Use Paste this script above Main. Credit and Thanks...
  6. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    RSM's Balloon Upgrade MV PLUS v1.0

    (still lacking a good logo to put here!) Balloon Upgrade MV (Plus) v1.0 by Rafael_Sol_Maker (RSM for short) Introduction Welcome to the Utimate Balloon Configurator. Long story short, I was writing for my magazine some tutorial about creating plugins, and I created a very simple plugin to...
  7. Bartman901

    Chance to avoid easier battle

    Hello, I'm still working on my game and I find out one thing annoying me a bit. No matter how strong I am, I still have to fight all these monsters, and unfortunately escape doesn't always succes. I read in a review of one game, that there was possibility that allow player to avoid battle before...
  8. Balloon Icon Help

    Hello! I am trying to make a series of NPCs that have balloon icons that appear over their head as they walk around, but still being able to talk to them. How would I do this? I am using the default icon balloons, and currently have no plugins that should affect the icon balloons. Is there any...
  9. kickthenoin_ci

    [Graphic Resources] ini's showcase for MV

    ini's showcase for MV Author : ini_kun Re-posting : OK/Contact me first! Edit the material : OK Publishing edited material : Contact me first! All the material in this thread is also available on the author's blog. Please use a browser with a translation function such as chrome when you...
  10. draco2

    Help with balloon icons on RPG Maker MV

    I'm very new at using RPG Maker MV and I wanted to use a balloon icon on an NPC. The idea is my main character enters in a room and we see in npc sleeping. This npc is supposed to always find them asleep when you see them, showing the sleep balloon icon looping. Does anyone know how to get a...
  11. Geekbydesign

    RMVXAce - Tip for Newbs determining fault in their events

    I apologize as this isn't a problem, but I wasn't sure where to post this?  (First time poster)  I've read through other posts and haven't found this information available, so I thought I would share it. I'm a newb myself, and was having issues using switches.  I was creating an event that...

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