1. tale

    Retiranatisu MV characters

    Terms of Use- Commercial use: OK (you can't sell material by itself) Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV credit: レティラナティス (Retiranatisu) Source (found on resource section) https://tm.lucky-duet.com/viewforum.php?f=4 Feel free to use these...
  2. Eliaquim

    Eli Balloon Position - Easily change the position of the balloons!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction • This plugin was created with the intention of giving you more flexibility regarding the position of the balloon in the characters. It is useful if you want to use sprite sheets other than the MZ standard. Features Changing the position of the balloons: •...
  3. Tonbi

    TF_BalloonEx.js Set the balloon location and animation to freely.

    TF_BalloonEx.js Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Introduction Write the settings to each [Balloon ID] of the plug-in parameter "preset". * You can edit the settings for dx, dy, loops, speed, waitTime. * Summation of startPatterns, loopPatterns and endPatterns must under or equal 8. * For details...
  4. Banjo

    Make a balloon wait until completion with a script call?

    Using the normal Event option, you can make the game wait until a balloon completes its animation, but I need to use a script call for this since I'm using a variable for the event id. This works fine, but the game doesn't pause for the balloon to finish and I can't figure out how to make it do...
  5. tale

    Torigoya_BalloonInBattle (Balloon message in side-view battle)

    Torigoya_BalloonInBattle - 2019/05/12 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview Adds balloon message in a battle (side-view). Features - Parameters for customizing Balloon - You can use these tags inside the Actors/ Enemies Note field to add messages. Note: You can use commas by inserting a...
  6. Finnuval

    In search of vehicles (MV)

    Hey there once again :D (for MV) SO this time 'round I'm looking for vehicles for map-travel. Specifically the following : A steamliner/boat somewhat like this an old (DC) plane and/or hot-air balloon like this an old truck in these lines and an old steam train Now these would be as...
  7. tale

    Balloon Display for Event

    Balloon Display for Event 2015-01-25 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction A balloon will be displayed on top of the player's head when they are in front of an event. Instructions: Comment <balloon id> on event Preview How to Use Paste this script above Main. Credit and Thanks...
  8. comedianmasta

    Balloon Char Sprite Request VX Ace

    Hello Guys, this one should be simple but I have the art skills of a newt. For VX Ace I would like a lone kid's Balloon sprite that can more and float on its own. I would prefer a red one, but it should be simple enough to make a group of them of various colors or even a bushel that moves...
  9. Nightblade50

    Need balloon icons

    Hey. I need some balloon icons for my sci-fi game in VX Ace. They should be laid out just like the default ones found in the System folder, animated, with the same emotions, but instead of the background being a white bubble, it should instead be a small talk balloon that is black with a green...
  10. eventID as variable balloon

    Simple question for this simple mind. taken from script call page // variable(8) is event id# $gameVariables.value(8); character.requestBalloon(id); this.setWaitMode('balloon'); how does one go about making an exclamation or a question mark balloon appear on a variable defined event?
  11. How can I change the height of emote bubbles?

    Hi guys- I'm using the big 64x96 pixel charsheets (the kind you need to put a !$ in the filename) and I want to use emote bubbles. As you can see from my pic the emote bubble is too high for most of my characters. I know I could just use regular charsheets, but is there another way to change...
  12. Iliketea

    Problem with Balloon-script command in movement route

    Hi everyone, I want to make an event that constantly has a balloon over its head to show that it has a quest. When the player talks to it, the balloon should disappear. So far so good, I made a custom movement route for that event containing only this script call...
  13. 9142

    Resized Balloon Character sheets

    Resized for use as a sprite! Enjoy!
  14. Khayalan


    Hey RPGMakers ive got a problem with the ballons ^^ I want to make a ballon over an NPC to show he have a quest... I did this with a event over the NPC. Parralel process. But now i cant save anymore on the map anymore... So i need a solution for that problem (I know that i cant save...
  15. Andrefpvs

    Follower's Commands (Show Balloon, Show Animation, etc. on Followers) (VX Ace script example include

    What I want to do   I'd like to be able to use Event Commands on my Followers (the party members that follow you around when outside of battle). For example, using Balloon Pop-ups on my followers, like this:   (This is a mockup of what I'd like to be able do)     Is there a VX Ace script that...
  16. Screech1989

    Screech's Workshop (Damage Numbers,Balloons,IconSets,Tiles)

    Screech's Workshop I aim to keep this page up to date, I check it daily. For every sprite, image or edit i make to add to my game it will be added here, you are free to use any of it or share it just give credit.    
  17. Jtanooki

    Balloon Popup Sound Effect

                                                    Balloon Popup SE                                                                                               by Jtanooki   Introduction This plugin allows you to play a Sound Effect when using the Show Balloon Icon on events.   Features Along...
  18. MeowFace

    Party Movement Controller

    Made this script for a request here. Sharing this here since this seems to have quite the demand. Introduction: This script covers the Party Leader/Followers movement/balloon icon/animation that can't be done by eventing. Can easily set up cut-scene/story telling simply by moving the...
  19. watermark

    Way to increase balloon icons?

    It seems RPG VX Ace only allows up to 10 balloon icons. Is there a way or a script that increases this maximum? Thanks.
  20. IsFutureBright

    How to show a balloon over the current one?

    If you set balloon one to play and then set balloon two to play, the second one will not play if the first one is still playing. Is there any way to clear the current balloon before setting the second one? Via code is fine, really.  Thanks ;)

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