1. Geekbydesign

    RMVXAce - Tip for Newbs determining fault in their events

    I apologize as this isn't a problem, but I wasn't sure where to post this?  (First time poster)  I've read through other posts and haven't found this information available, so I thought I would share it. I'm a newb myself, and was having issues using switches.  I was creating an event that...
  2. ShinGamix

    balloon graphic size

    I was wondering if I could have more than the default 10x8 balloon set? aka I wanted to add more to the set of 80.
  3. hian

    hian's balloon sets

    Welcome stranger! Now, this is pretty straight forward, like the title states, a thread where I'll post the custom balloon sets I made for my projects and general use. (note that I am using this format in my own games, and for that reason I would be grateful if people use the templates I have...

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