1. issue with battlehud

    yeah so as you can see in the picture 1 those arent the correct face images i want to use they arent the characters im using and 2 how do i get rid of that big blue bar covering there faces because even if they where the correct images you still couldnt see them because of the bar
  2. RMMZ Variable-based meters poping up on the main screen in MZ

    I'm trying to find a plug-in that, like the title says, displays a progress meter on the screen related to the value of a variable and some kind of adjustable maximum (possibly also a variable). My game is tracking concepts like Stamina, Hunger, etc, so I want that information to be readily...
  3. GoodSelf

    Reward Tracker Graphics (16x16, 32x32, 48x48)

    Hello Friends! I made these little trackers for a project I'm working on and figured I would share them here. I plan to use them to track in-game rewards the player collects on their journey. Feel free to edit if you like - they should hue shift really well to fit your needs. I hope someone...
  4. remainderstudios

    show hud under message box

    Hi. i am using this script: https://lescripts.wordpress.com/rgss3/map-hud/ this script allows showing several bars on the map. I want to show a xp bar at the bottom of the screen (purple bar), because I already have others at the top. What happens is that this bar is visible at all times and...
  5. ovate

    com_sho Shop Inside Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm reposting tilesets image here. Preview- Tileset- shopA shopD shopinside Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can not sell the material by itself - No need to...
  6. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Temporary Bar v1.1

    What is this about? One of my experiment that allow smooth drawing of temporary bar via eventing. Modified to be user friendly and easy to study. Including interaction mode as the extra. * Please pardon the video... I'm suck at video editing and gave up half way. Requirement Adept knowledge...
  7. [SOLVED] Yanfly's Aftermath remove "level.1" word

    Hi all guys. I don't speak English very well and I hope you can understand my problem ^^ as the title suggests, I use the Yanfly's Aftermath plugin and i would like to remove the word "lv. 1" ... Can anyone help me please? c.c Plugin: http://yanfly.moe/plugins/en/YEP_VictoryAftermath.js
  8. leoroura

    Huds with diminishing bars?

    Hello community! I'm starting a new project and i figured out i will need a very unique/personalized HUD UI. I don't wanna bore anyone with details but basically i would like to add different metters in the shape of bars that diminish for different reasons (wether fighting if it comes for health...
  9. Krystek_My

    Enemy HP bar on map

    Hi! I have a question. It is possible to draw enemy HP on map. For example via script? (I am not good at scripting)
  10. IkutsukiYuri

    Is there any way to resize the description bar and skill bar?

    ...It's taking up a lot of space And if it's impossible, at least tell me that deleting the description bar is possible at least :/ I'm using MogHunter's battle hud by the way... Thank you ;e;
  11. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Gauges System

    Introduction I prepared this extension because of this pool here. Visual novels that lack gameplay segments risk to result boring, so minigames and stuff are very important. And minigames need health bar and such. Description An extension providing a simple interface that lets you manage gauges...
  12. Uzuki

    Button Press Timing Bar Plugin for MV

    Hey, everyone. So I've scoured the internet for a plugin that performs what I'm looking for but I haven't been able to find anything what I need. I'm looking for an way to display a bar on the screen with a cursor that moves back and forth on the bar when interacting with a event on the map...
  13. Albaharu

    HP Bar visible on map

    Hi all! Is there a way or script to make the health bar visible on the map screen? Without having to access to the menu?
  14. Backwardskey

    Help with a character gimmick.

    I'm attempting to create as simple a combat system as possible - no elements, no skills with a paragraph's worth of secondary effects, one weapon type / class per character, and one universal skill type. I've also omitted the MP bar in favor of cooldowns; SP (TP) is the only resource I'm...
  15. Naveed

    Navash Random Encounter Bar

    Navash Random Encounter Bar Latest Version: v1.20 Introduction and Features: This Plugin creates a small window with a gauge that fills up as the player gets closer to a random encounter. When the gauge is full, the random encounter will be triggered. The random encounter bar only appears if...
  16. Milennin

    Visual enemy TP gauge

    I'm looking for a plugin similar to Yanfly's Visual Enemy HP Gauges, but for enemy TP instead. It would be great if it was compatible with the visual HP gauge plugin.
  17. DoubleX RMMV Status Bars

    Purpose Lets you use bars to show battler statuses on their sprites Games using this plugin None so far Parameters Notetags Plugin Calls Configurations Video Prerequisites Abilities: 1. Nothing special for most rudimetary use cases 2. Little RMMV plugin development proficiency for...
  18. Rikifive

    Bitmap in Bitmap? - Designing HUD's

    Hello everybody! Currently I'm designing HUD, that will display characters' HP and MP on map screen and I'd like to ask a question. What I was about to do, is to create sprites directly in Scene_Map ~ their variables and such all in that scene. However, I think that's not the smartest...
  19. Help getting started. New bar and other stuff.

    Hi, this is my first post. I owned Rpg maker vx ace for a long time and I decided to start a proyect two days ago and I already came to a few things I don't know how to do. I wanted to add another bar, I want to have an hp bar, an mp bar and another extra one, and I want it to act similar to...
  20. kovak

    Change gauge bar shape and colors

    I don't even know how to make them to look thinner, but i wanted something that could do that since i know nothing about js :<

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