1. Silverskin

    RMMV .

    [Last Update: 1.11.2016] Welcome, game makers! This topic is about the game "Point Zero". Point Zero is an RPG which I would compare mostly to a mixture of Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and League of Legends. Below, you can find the newest updates and trailers to the game, which will, according...
  2. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Direction Based Line of Sight Crash

    Hello All, In my dungeons, I use visible enemies which chase the player as per Infamous Bon Bon's Direction Based Line of Sight Tutorials.  This is VX ACE... The only problem that I run into is if I "pull" two enemies into battle at the same time.  When that happens, it goes to battle...
  3. Variable-Based Music?

    Okay, I've got another problem... So I want it when you battle, say, a random guy, it plays the normal music. But when you do a "boss battle", it plays much epic-er music. (I have that covered). Problem is, I don't know how to have multiple types of music play depending on a variable...
  4. L.W. Flouisa

    What differences?

    What are some of the things changed from regular Ruby and RGSS current version? Right now I'm busy working on a semi-rogue like, so I don't have as much time as I'd like. But what are some elements in Ruby that wont port over well to RGSSS? I know gets.chomp doesn't work outside of...
  5. Beedoe

    Text-Based Combat

    Hey guys. So I've gotten a bit of advice from the community about this, but not enough to know if everything I want to do is possible without plugins. This is my idea: In combat, the player attacks by typing in an action using the keyboard. The damage dealt is based on the specific...
  6. Damage Formula Request (Damage Based On HP Situation)

    Hi, guys... I was trying to make a skill that deals more damage according to the target's HP situation, the lower its current HP, the higher is the skill's damage. The problem is that the formula isnt workin. Here's what I'm using (the whole code): ((b.hp / b.mhp) + 1) * a.atk * 3 - b.def *...
  7. Harvest Moon Style Event Based Time System Tutorial

          This is a tutorial for people who want a easy and flexible non-scripted time system based off of “Harvest Moon” for the Super Nintendo. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make your own time based system using events, resources and my custom eventing methods. Resources and...
  8. RenegadeForce

    high quality resources

    Hi..... I am a newbie to rpg maker vx ace, I bought both rpg maker vx ace and the high fantasy mega resource bundle 5 months ago... I am developing a game....Renegade: Secret Kingdom.... I have been working on it for 3 months 14 days now and I  have ran into a problem... I realy dont like the...
  9. Ninjaroy

    Requesting Sprite Based Off a Picture I Made.

    Hello there fellow RPG Makers! I am hereby requesting a commercial use sprite based off the picture in the attachments. (The picture is copyrighted by me)
  10. HELP (ABS) Action based battle system

    I need help. I downloaded the trial version of RPG maker VX ACE to see if it suits my needs. So far i have only seen how to make TBS turn based battle systems. I was wondering how to make ABS action based battle. If you dont know what that is. Its the same type of combat used in Runscape...

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