1. Kayokensa

    Correlation Javascript <-> Event - Questions

    Hello RPG and Coding-fans, So I acquired RPGM MV and I have mediocre skills in scripting events in RPGMMV and javascript. I couldn't quite grasp the correlation and I have some questions about that. Sorry if wrong category. What I got so far as a plugin.js : Now the following questions...
  2. Dreadshadow

    [VX Ace] Parallax mapping. The very first! How it works.

    If you know how to make good maps, but not have an idea on how parallax mapping works, then this tutorial is for you. It doesn't show how to make great maps, that has been shown well already by other tutorials here and there. But I found out that it was somewhat intimmidatating for me to set a...
  3. Rikifive

    [SOLVED] YANFLY | Learn Skill: Change opacity of windows

    Hello! I'm using Yanfly Learn Skill Engine and I really need to change opacity of windows in here. So far I managed to change opacity of commands, skill list and confirmation windows (by putting "self.opacity = 50" in some places), but I really can't find where or how to change help and actor...
  4. Dreadshadow


    GREETINGS EVERYONE! This thread is about a tutorial game named "EVENTS". I made it for people who would like to play a video game that can teach them almost everything on RPG Maker VX Ace in about 4 to 5 hours. I say "almost everything" because scripting and parallax mapping and shift mapping...
  5. HamPants

    RPG Maker VX Ace Basics Video Series

    These videos are amazing, and have helped me explain things that I'm not good at explaining, to those who needed help. Thank you! :)

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