1. Remove Skill Grey Bar in Battle?

    I'm trying to make some Skills to trigger in the "background", however, even if I don't use any name, the grey bar shows indicating the skill triggered, it kinda ruins the point of it being hidden and the grey line appearing in a flickering manner if several skills are triggered can be...
  2. Geeguz

    Battle escape options and minigames?

    So in working on my game I've decided that using the default method of escaping via agility is not gonna work very well, although I still like to use it for turn order. I had a few ideas for escape mechanics but I'm honestly not too sure what all would have to go into making them and/or if they...
  3. Orneb

    Switch weapon command not working during battle.

    I've created a character who switches between different weapons, which in turn switches the skill categories he has access to. But it's not working, and I've narrowed the problem down to the switch weapon command itself. How do I fix?
  4. Dalenacio

    Help request: Controlling TPB battler order in more detail.

    Not sure where exactly this belongs (Could it be done through eventing? Or is this script/plugin territory? If so, which?), so for now I guess I'm leaving it in the general forum? So, long story short, for various reasons I want to be able to set the order people are going in myself in TPB...
  5. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Changing Skill Text Color Mid-Combat (Tried VE ControlText)

    With my game I'm trying to have a system where elements will do more damage if other elemental states are applied to an enemy. However with 10 elements it could be annoying for a player to remember which elements gain a bonus in that situation. I want to be able to color the text of a skill in...
  6. Give one HP to another

    I want to make a skill where 1 monster give it's hp to another monster equal to it's max hp, then the user die in the process. Is this possible ? If it's possible, then how do I achieve this? For your information I am using yanfly battle core
  7. lawlietorochi

    Itens weakness, any idea?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be straight up I want a specific enemy and only he has weakness to a battle consumable item. For example: I want when I use the salt item on the "slug" enemy it dies immediately, but the "rat" enemy totally ignores it. Any idea? I tried to do it by status by creating the...
  8. Resizing the battle sprite in side view

    I want the player character to stay pixelated so I drew her small, but in battle, she appears way too small. I didn't make her animated, is there a way to resize her in the battle screne without changing the actual image itself?
  9. Furia25

    RMMV [SOLVED] Store an independent variable in each enemy.

    Hello :kaoluv:, To make a custom taming system in my game, I would like to store "a variable" in all the enemies of a fight, In each instance of $gameTroop in battle for example, I tried but I don't know how to make the variable independent for each enemy, thanks in advance. Ps : Sorry for my...
  10. Demi_Fiend

    Script that changes battle HUD

    Hi, I'm looking for a script that changes the default battle HUD. I was recently using Luna Engine, but the amount of bugs and incompatibilities made it impossible to get working. I tried mog's HUD script too, but it also conflicted with some other scripts I had. If anyone knows a script of this...
  11. Cap_

    LISA battle system

    I wish to change my battle system to be just like or as close to the battle system from LISA the Painful. This is mine looks like: This is how i would like it to look:
  12. How can I make an actor lose 5 mp at the start of a fight?

    Im pretty new and am still having a hard time figuring this out. Hoping to have the actor lose 5 mp at the start of combat and another 5 mp at the end of combat.
  13. Cap_

    LISA battle system

    I wish to change my battle system to be just like or as close to the battle system from LISA the Painful. This is mine looks like: This is how i would like it to look:
  14. J2415

    RMMV Christian Edutainment Battle System

    Hello, I'm in the process of recreating my battle system for Bible Quest. I've gone back to the drawing board and started to rewrite the game. My end goal is to create a Christian Edutainment game but I've been going back and forth on the battle system. At the moment, if "Fear" pops up...
  15. Rens_Agatha

    Free SV Slime battler

    Hi ! Currently i've trying to create free SV battler sprite for Rpg maker MV. i'll keep updating these workshop whenever i finish my work. For now theres only one battler but it will not take long time to create it. Description : It's a "Slime" theme monster only for these workshop. Complete...
  16. Jeivalien

    Icon on enemy name (Compatible with Yanfly's hp visible gauge)

    Hello, after experimenting a lot with elements on battle and trying to make them fun to work with, I've had the idea to give all enemies one elemental affinity, and since I dont want the players to memorize the elements on every single enemy (or check repeatedly using a scan skill), I wanted...
  17. Bartman901

    Enemies' early game moves.

    Hello, I'm just looking for ideas for enemies' attacks and moves. As I said in the title, we fight them in the begining of the game. The game is in fantasy/medieval style. I was just checking out my game and the thing that made me confused was that most of common enemies had just 1 move. Now...
  18. Side View Guns + Gun Tiles [PMusket]

    Not satisfied with the default MV guns I decided to make my own. You are free to edit the sprites as you wish and repost them(no need to credit me). Most of the weapons have a real and an airsoft version with sprites for the left and right side plus tiles with every skin and attachment.The tiles...
  19. Ari

    I wanna remove anything battle based but I don't know where to even begin!

    I have no clue how to open up the manuscript or anything to comment out anything battle related. I know what I want to do, but I can't begin doing it because I have no clue where that code is and its frustrating trying to find it! Please help!
  20. Kazyn

    Modding the battle UI "slightly" with "rolling" digits...

    First off, hello everyone, : ) I tried getting into ruby back when VX Ace was the thing, but with the arrival of MV and some prior knowledge of JS, I'm looking forward to seeing this as an opportunity to start fresh. So, I wanted to try my hand at a plugin that does what I'm currently...

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