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  1. orochii

    OZZ's SMT Enemy Recruitment

    OZZ's Shin Megami Tensei Enemy Recruitment v1 by me Introduction This plugin enables the use and recruitment of enemies in a similar way to the Shin Megami Tensei series. That is, recruiting enemies via negotiation skills, which lets you talk to the enemy and, in this case, decide the outcome...
  2. A Take on Guarding

    Okay, so. The "Guard" command in standard RPGs is pretty useless. Your character can't attack, and they still take damage, even if it's less. So I had a thought. Rather than it just being a simple "skip turn" option, I thought about having it act like a toggle, where if the character is...
  3. Help changing mana points to a different stat

    So essentially I'm making a game where a very core mechanic is "morale" which I want to have multiple effects, and thought one way to do this would be to rework how mana points currently works and go from there. I want it to be stat that can be reduced from things like specific enemy attacks...
  4. ShiningRomantica

    In-battle skill depending on remaining MP

    Hey! I need some help with a project of mine... I want the battle system to be very simple, so all of the characteres will have only 3 skills each. I want those skills to be selected automatically when choosing the 'skill' option in the battle menu depending on the remaining MP, instead of...
  5. Attack Minigames

    Hello. In my game, every single thing is named after a musical term, weather it be HP, Status Effects or Character names. Anyways, To use an attack, you have to use a certain Weapon, For example, a Guitar or a Lyre to use Strum. Would it be Possible to make it so you can have a Minigame whenever...
  6. chaucer

    Scaling Battle Rewards - Version 2.0.0

    Scaling Battle Rewards : 2.0.0 Author : Chaucer Introduction : With this plugin installed, you'll be able to define the level of your games enemies, and with that, you'll be able to scale the amount of exp, and gold the player gets from them! You can make it so that the player gets less exp...
  7. Tagumon

    Sigil Switch Menu System - RPG Maker MV Battling

    I'm not sure if this is possible in RPG Maker MV or if it's even possible with plug-ins... But after a long period of thought, I decided to speak up and ask here for Support with this idea. ----------------------------------------------- My idea or plug-in / what I'm trying to do...
  8. Adding more Battle Menu commands

    First of all I want to apologize for putting [MV] on every post, knowing Javascript is exclusive to it :p There's a Yanfly plugin (Weapon Unleash) that lets you change the basic commands (Attack, Guard, Items) with other skills. Is there a way to have both the basic and custom commands at the...
  9. OcRam

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin (for MV)

    Introduction With this plugin you may create enemy troops dynamically from fixed enemy ids or from named enemy group (like 1-4 enemies from named pool "Forest") or use wild card for total randomness (you may exclude some enemies ofc)! Also changing "Substitute" behaviour is possible for...
  10. DerVVulfman

    Brenda's Visual Battlers

    Brenda's Visual Battlers Version: 2.0 Introduction This system is designed to allow you, the programmer, to have battlers be able to change their appearance based on the weapons or gear being worn. It is based on Me(tm)'s Visual Equipment system which in turn was based on the systems by...
  11. Dust

    Flying Enemies & Ranged Skills

    Merry Christmas everybody :) I brought a little present: A plugin that allows you to mark enemies as "flying", which makes them only targetable by ranged skills: You just add the tag <Flying> to an enemy's note section. Now it...
  12. Zireks

    Looking for specific functions

    So I've started making a plugin-in for MV called the MathClashSystem. What I want it to do is this: When a player selects the Magic tab in the battle menu (Titled Mathamancy instead of Magic) instead of displaying spells it displays a randomly selected question from a predetermined list based...
  13. NotFlamingo

    Battle turn counter

    Howdy, could anybody help me to implement battle turn counter in the regular side battle system? A small window in the top right corner shows how many turns were made in battle. It should renew after every turn. I don't know how to display variable value during the battle without stopping it...
  14. ramza

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Announcement: This plugin, as well as my shield block plugin have been moved over to my page as paid plugins from this point on. Anyone who was previously using these plugins can continue to do so, but no further updates will be posted tho this thread. The most up to date version will...
  15. Battle Party QUestion

    Hey RPG Maker fam! I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out this thing I want to add to my game. I want to make it where certain battles you are forced to used different members of the party by choice (or random sometimes) and always switch the amount of party members you can use per...
  16. Osoni

    Shared Party HP

    I have a (hopefully) simple request. I'd like some battles to feature a HP total/bar for the entire party - every hit on an individual party member deals damage to them AND the same amount to the shared pool. Individual party members get KO'd as normal, but if the party HP hits 0 its...
  17. Tsukihime

    Battle Command: Use Skill

    This plugin allows you to add commands that allow your actors to use skills directly without accessing the skill menu. All of the skill use properties are the same: your actor must be able to use the skill, have enough MP/TP/other requirements, and so on. If enemy or actor selection is...
  18. Tsukihime

    Counter After Hit

    By default, when a target successfully counterattacks, they would automatically evade the attacker's action, and then respond with a normal attack. This plugin changes it so that the target does not evade automatically, and will perform the counter attack afterwards.   More information and...

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