battle advice

  1. Ignore target during battle

    I'm working on a section of a game, and I have a character who for plot reasons, needs to be in the battle scene. For other plot reasons, I want to prevent the enemy from targeting this character, without that character being knocked out. I've poked around a bit, and can't see a way of...
  2. The Elemental gauge

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on a game mechanic I was thinking of. So if you remember: in tales of the abyss, there were these circles (Field of Fonons) that appeared on the battlefield after you, a party member or enemy used an elemental spell or attack, and if you used a certain attack on...
  3. RMMV Could use feedback on a gun-based game

    Hi everyone, this is actually my first post on the forums but I've been lurking for months. Looking forward to being a bigger part of the community. I'm working on a game called End of Solitude, which is actually based on a novel I wrote. It's a dystopian/sci fi story with action and survival...
  4. ddblue

    How would I make players start battle with a buff that automatically stacks as time goes on?

    Hi everyone! I'd say my RPG Maker MV skill level is intermediate. Here is what I'd like to accomplish for my battles - I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction? I'd like all members of the party to automatically start with 1 stack of an "Adrenaline" buff. This Adrenaline buff...
  5. rpgmaker20221

    Tutorial on creating a simple battle adviser/predicter

    Hi! This will be my first tutorial ever so if you think that there is things I can improve please let me know ^-^ ! Inspiration^-^ Okay now on to the tutorial. Have you ever played a game where you are faced with a boss encounter blocking your way; and you are underleveled because no one...

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