battle ai

  1. Moosky

    Hylics/OMORI type fights

    I am thinking of making a game but something is pulling me back. I am a absolute beginner with a learning disability so it's harder for me to learn new stuff but I do my best. So here's the thing: I want a battle screen to be similar to Hylics and OMORI, in a way I want the screen to have...
  2. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Yanfly Battle AI Core - Help with a Few Checks

    Hello! Would someone be able to help me out with setting up a few conditions using Yanfly's Battle AI Core plugin? The conditions that I am looking to check are: 1. If variable A is equal or greater to variable B 2. Check if target has a certain buff/debuff 3. Check is the target has a skill...
  3. OmnislashXX

    These stupid bats still won't follow orders.

    I'm actually getting tired of trying to find a solution for this. I've also posted another thread because I wasn't getting any responses in my other one. Regardless, I've downloaded Yanfly's Battle AI Core but the only thing it's helped to do is to let the bats actually cast their buffs. Not on...
  4. Inuyasha36c

    Yanfly Actor auto battle AI Help

    Hello I am Stuck I am trying to have one actor auto battle with healing when needed for other actors even revive if possible. I have the battle core AI plugin and the actor auto AI plugin and tried following the way they explain on how to write it. and I have it in classes notebox I have this...
  5. Drunken Paladin

    Battle AI Core Issues

    Hi folks, There's just something about Yanfly's Battle AI Core that is not clicking with me. I just can't get it to work correctly. Presently, I'm trying the lines below as an example, but pretty much every single encounter does something outside what should be expected from the note tags...

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