battle algorithms

  1. KlausAidon

    RMMZ Loosely 5e inspired battle system, Actions and Bonus actions.

    As the title suggest, I'm tinkering around with making a battle system loosely inspired by 5e rule systems. Wondering if anyone can provide insights, or ideas on how to make my characters have Actions, and bonus actions? For those unfamiliar, characters are able to do two things during their...
  2. DemonBlooded

    Choose your team?

    I had an idea where each of the main characters have a team with them. So say Chara 1 has team of A, B, C, and D then Chara 2 has E, F, G and H. These teams are used in battle and upon each battle start(OR another means of switching them out) you can choose which team you want to use of the main...
  3. OcRam

    OcRam - Battle_EX plugin (for MV)

    Introduction With this plugin you may create enemy troops dynamically from fixed enemy ids or from named enemy group (like 1-4 enemies from named pool "Forest") or use wild card for total randomness (you may exclude some enemies ofc)! Also changing "Substitute" behaviour is possible for...
  4. Zireks

    How Do I Implement JavaScript into MV?

    So I'm new to using RPG Maker and recently got MV on Steam. I know that this version of the software uses the JavaScript coding language to make personal battle scripts so after learning the basics I've started to code the stuff I need. However I've ran into a problem. Let me start by...
  5. SoulPour777

    Battle Algorithms

    Soul Engine Ace – Battle Algorithms Author: Soulpour777 Web URL: # Version 1.0 Category: Battle Related Script   Description:   Remodels the default Game Battler settings for Battle Sequence. The script changes how damage value is working, how critical hits are...

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