battle animation

  1. A-kun

    RMMV Compatability problem with Mog's BattleHud + Yanfly's BattleEngineCore

    Version: 1.6.2 Plugins: YEP Battle Engine Core, MOG Battle Hud (If I could provide a link to that specific plugin, I would; but I can't. The plugins are provided in the demo if it helps. :kaocry:) Demo: Download Link I can say that on the bright side, the two plugins at least work together...
  2. RMMV Is there a way to freely animate a skill ?

    Hello, What I meant is that I want my character to perform a movement like jumping in the air, spinning in the air and landing on the target in battle. Is there a plugin or something that already exists ? Thank you.
  3. Does a script to make the screen shake on a battle animation exist or can it be made?

    for a long time ive wanted to use a script that lets you do a screen shake in the middle of battle animations (like the same to a screen flash or a color change in the enemy) to convey more strenght but i havent been able to find any so i was wondering if it was possible to make or if it already...
  4. Random Panda

    RMMV Skill Animation Layer Order help

    I've been trying to tackle this one for a while. I would like to find a way for a Skills animation to play in front or behind of a target depending on its position. Currently the animations play on a layer above everything. For example, if there were two enemies, Target 1 and Target 2 and you...
  5. Captain_Joshua

    Display different equipped weapon during battle?

    I have a battler that is dual wielding two weapons. One of them is a knife and the other weapon is a bat. Some of the battlers skills are stab/slash attacks that are done with the knife and some are bashing attacks done with the bat. The knife is normally equipped in the first battle slot. The...
  6. nahubun

    Help with Plugin Battle Animation SV

    Using Yanfly Battle engine and its extensions. Want to use different side view action animations for different skills with the same skill type. ex: Character Mary has the skill type magic. She has two magic skills, 'Abrakadabra' and 'Alakazam'. These are both in the magical skill type and...
  7. RyanBram

    [SOLVED] Yanfly's Action Sequence "if" condition when attack is missed

    Hi everyone. I want to make certain animation that will be played only if an attack is hitting the enemy. Otherwise the animation shouldn't be played at all. Can you tell me how to make it using "if" condition to check if an attack is hit or miss?
  8. jayholden

    Mirror Motions in Yanfly Action Sequences

    Hello, my battlers are on the opposite sides of the screen from standard (the player-characters face right while the enemies face left). Since the enemies are static I reversed them manually by flipping the images in an image program. While idling, the player-character sprites are mirrored...
  9. snowy-scales

    Sideview Battle Animation?

    how do i make the battle animations in sideview battle mode show on the enemies, instead of in the centre of the screen?
  10. CriticalGames

    Shake Screen during Animation

    Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a problem with this for a while now, and haven't found a solution. I need a way to shake the screen during a battle animation. I know that I can Macgyver a sort of solution by using common events to shake the screen in-between or after animations have played, but...
  11. Enemy animations in front-view battles (MV)

    I'm hoping someone has some advice on how to get animations to trigger from enemies using skills in front-view battles. The only way I've got this to work so far is through using common events, but the timing isn't great, just due to how the sequences are handled. Ideally, I'd love...
  12. Zephadus

    Animation Resource Swap

    So I was making animations for various items, attacks, map effects, and so on, when I noticed a pattern... A lot of my animations were effectively the same thing with different graphics and/or sounds. For example, I have a few different types of potions, all of different colors, bottle shapes...
  13. Studio Blue

    Default Animation Always Playing

    In the database, I have each character's unique weapon associated with a specific battle animation (please see screenshot below). However, whenever I run a test play, the only animation that shows when any weapon attacks is the default "001 Hit Physical" animation. I'm not sure if it's something...
  14. Weapon Animation not playing correctly

    EDIT: This problem has been solved! The problem was that Skill slot 1 had been set to "Hit Physical" in stead of "Normal Attack" which overwrote all the weapon animations. This problem just started happening to me a few minutes ago, and I didn't change anything that (I think) should affect...
  15. DTracy3

    Different Battle Animation for Skill

    Hi, I wanted to make a skill during which a character uses his unique animation. My character got a dagger but I want him to use the animation that's played during missile attacks since I customized that one. I'm using yanfly battle engine core and wondered if I could use it to change the...
  16. Leetstuff

    Show Battle Animation in Battle

    I'm having trouble understanding how this script call works. $gameTroop.members()[enemyIndex].startAnimation(animationId, true/false, delayN); I want to make it so that the animation is played on the user of the turn. Considering there's a different one for $gameTroop and $gameParty, do I...
  17. brendonx

    Simple Battle Animation Call Script?

    Hi! I was wondering if it would be easy to set up a script that runs a battle animation during a "set movement route" event. I wanna have two characters doing a little cut scene fight and rather than using multiple "wait" commands to get the timing right I thought that this might be easier...
  18. Chaosgod_Espér

    Show Battle Animations on Event Layer

    Hi there, I´m in need for a Script, to make some Battle Animations (=BAs) to be shown on the same viewport and layer as events. So BAs are overlapped by *-Tiles. I don´t need this effect for all animations, so it would be nice to have an array, that stores all Animation IDs of the Database...
  19. Animation Extension (FSM script translation request)

    Hello! I was browsing the First Seed Material forums when I found these really amazingly done animations. Unfortunately I can't read Japanese, and Chrome's auto-translate leaves a lot to be desired--but it seems these longer battle animations are strung together thanks to a script and some tags...

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