battle animations

  1. greensdream

    Enemy skill animation not showing up...

    I created a custom animation for an enemy skill that shows up just fine in the animation editor, just not when I'm playtesting the game. When I set the enemy skill animation for one of the player's skills, however, it shows up no problem. I am enclosing screen shots in case I have something set...
  2. coticka

    [MV]Best way for battle animations to play while char is invis? Ideas?

    Hi guys. What do you think would be the most efficient way to have the player characters go invisible right before the battle animation for that skill plays (since the animation page will have the character in it preforming the animation.) Then making them visible again? I know I can use...
  3. LawrenceindaSky

    Show Battle Animation on Actor

    So I've fallen into another issue, I can't seem to figure out how to show a Animation during a Battle on a Actor. I've tried using "Force Battle Animation" but it's for Enemies only. I only want to show animation for a specific scene in my game. Is there a script call I can do? (Sorry for asking...
  4. Request for sv_actors for the futuristic heroes DLC

    The Frontier Works Futuristic Heroes DLC has some amazing actors. Unfortunately, when this DLC was converted for MV, they didn't provide the sv_actors (sideview battlers and damaged graphics) for those characters. If anyone could undertake this project to create those (even mildly fitting to...
  5. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Animated Attack Animations For Frontal Battlers?

    So if you've ever "Played Fantasy Star" for the master system the enemy's play an animation before they attack Like is there a way to make a simple script that dosn't Lag That plays one or two frames before an enemy attacks. I'am using soul pours animated battlers system so can someone make...
  6. Hawf

    RM2K Getting enemies to play their spell animations properly

    This tiny little detail has been driving me up a wall for the last two days. In RPG Maker 2000, when an enemy uses an attack spell it only plays the sound effect and there is no animation played or any visual indicator of impact and it's really bothering me. The only time an animation is...
  7. Drac00nbeam

    Need help to position battle animation

    Is there a way to change the position of where a skill animation will play besides the default: Head, Center, Feet, Screen? I would like my animation to change the x,y position, depending on what enemy it is being cast upon. The reason is i'm using various sizes of enemies and it's kinda...
  8. Myuu

    Battle animations question (Damage on first frame)

    I really don't understand why it happens but sometimes, damage from a skill is inflicted on the very first frame (which is very awkward) while at other times, it will wait until the end of the animation before actually inflicting damage (as it normally should). Is there a way to control this...
  9. Enemy animations in front-view battles (MV)

    I'm hoping someone has some advice on how to get animations to trigger from enemies using skills in front-view battles. The only way I've got this to work so far is through using common events, but the timing isn't great, just due to how the sequences are handled. Ideally, I'd love...
  10. Raven Burns

    Deprecation Warnings? Help Please

    I am at a loss right now, I am pretty new with the Dev Tool (F8). My problem are these Deprecation Warnings, and these Pixi errors show up as well. I have pinpointed when these Warnings occur. Every single time a player transfer occurs. This includes loading a new map (even with no parallax...
  11. hadecynn

    - Animations Collection II: Quantum -

    Hi all, Please use this post for all your suggestions/comments/questions/etc. regarding my "Animations Collection II: Quantum" pack. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours. I'll most likely also be using this thread to conduct some user surveys and polls that will influence the future...
  12. Erilex

    Unwanted battle animation auto smoothing/blurring

    Battle animations in RMMV look fine when applied to medium-sized or big enemies, but when played over smaller enemies, such as slimes, the program blurs them, and it doesn't look very nice [EDIT: This is not what actually happens, see my last post further down the thread]: This would be...
  13. Starmage

    RMXP SKill animations too bright (overlaying the battle screen)

    Hello all!! as you can see, I'm using Mascaporne's really wonderful animation packs for a project I'm working on.. But I'm having a problem with it ingame.. it's just that, all the animations tend to become too bright and I can no longer see the battle menu.. Is there any way that I can...
  14. hadecynn

    - Animations Collection I: Quintessence -

      Hi all, Please use this post for all your suggestions/comments/questions/etc. regarding my "Animations Collection I: Quintessence" pack. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours. I'll most likely also be using this thread to conduct some user surveys and polls that will influence...
  15. hadecynn

    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    6/15/2020 Today we're happy to announce the revival and rebranding of the former Animations Archive. As many of you are aware, the free resources we've posted here have become hard to get a hold of over these years. To solve this issue, we've decided to put everything on where they'll...
  16. Cjdgame

    Front Style Battle Enemy Animation Script

    Please close this thread
  17. Kes

    Problem with Yanfly System Options Menu

    Is there a known problem with Yanfly's System Options Menu script when it comes to the Hide/Show battle animations choice? It simply isn't working in my project, and I have to assume that if there isn't a known bug, then there is some obscure incompatibility issue between it and one of a myriad...

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