battle background

  1. Vis_Mage

    MV Retro Battlebacks

    Hello, Does anyone know of any retro 8 or 16 bit-styled battlebacks? I'm looking to use it in MV, but any size is appreciated.
  2. Emanzi

    How Can I Specify A Battle Background Per Tile?

    (works when world type/field type is selected in the mode for the tileset). So I have an overworked map and I want to control what battle background is specified per each independent tile for example forest for forest auto tiles, grass for grass auto tiles, water for water auto tiles e.t.c. MV...
  3. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    [MV] Need some help finding a certain battleback plugin.

    Hey all! Back in VX Ace, there was a plugin that distorted the battle backgrounds with a sort of heat wave effect, this website does a similar thing, while this video demonstrates it in action. I believe it was made by Moghunter...
  4. brunobay.g

    Parallax Background effects during Battles

    Hello there, I was looking for some plugin for RPGM-MV that would create animations on the battle background image. I believe it is possible to achieve some -x and -y movements without any extra plugin, but I believe that some distortion effetcs could be exploited, such as sine wave effects...
  5. brunobay.g

    Animated battle backgrounds

    Hi there, I've been on RPG MAKER MV for very little time and I was looking forward to implement some background animations during the battle event, something similar to this project: (alternatively, the project's source code can...
  6. Tyruswoo

    Battle Background Control by Tyruswoo

    Battle Background Control Plugin by Tyruswoo For RPG Maker MV Description: Battle Background Control provides options for how battle backgrounds are assigned to maps that use an Overworld tileset. You can change which image files are used for the battle backgrounds for each...
  7. Revert Back to Non-Specified Battle Background

    Is there any way to revert back to a non-specified battle background in the same room after you have changed the battle background in an event?  By non-specified I mean it loads different backgrounds based on which tile you're on, not the same one for the whole room.  
  8. ItalyPastaLover

    How do you change multiple battle backgrounds?

    when i click on the button "change battle background" on the troops edit page it changes all of them but i only want to change one how do you change multiple battle backgrounds? also how do you change the battle background music?

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