battle backgrounds

  1. Lunarea

    Sci Fi Battlebacks

    Today, we've got a super exciting new product - and something quite a few of you have been asking for! Sci Fi Battlebacks is a resource pack filled with hand-painted battle backgrounds created by Michael Rookard. The pack includes a large variety of futuristic and science-fiction backgrounds...
  2. Any Tiles Associated with RTP only Battle Backgrounds?

    After adding some battle backgrounds from the RTP, I realized I don't know whether these backgrounds are associated with any of the tiles.  Will any of the tiles load the RTP only backgrounds for battle or do you have to load them yourself?  Also is there any way to alter which battle background...
  3. ItalyPastaLover

    How do you change multiple battle backgrounds?

    when i click on the button "change battle background" on the troops edit page it changes all of them but i only want to change one how do you change multiple battle backgrounds? also how do you change the battle background music?

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