battle command menu

  1. Quintus

    Battle Command Keys

    Thanks for taking the time to read my request, I've been digging around for other plug-ins that will do this or some way to event it but I'm told asking here is my best bet. What I'm looking to do is bind the battle commands (Such as Attack, Guard, Skills, and Items) to keys rather than a...
  2. Actor Command Sub-Menu Plugin Request

    I would like to request a plugin that would add a sub menu to certain commands in battle. Let's say actor 1 can use 3 types of weapons and 5 types of magic. Each weapon has at least 10 skills and each type of magic has 15 spells. That means the actor would have 8 different skill types plus the...
  3. Alphamega

    Battle Command Menu changes, compatible with YEP_EquipBattleSkills

    I'm trying to change the Battle command options to show: Attack (which will change depending on skills), Skills, Signature Skills, Items. I currently have this working by using this plugin:  The battle commands work exactly as i want them too, the problem occurs when i try to use this...
  4. Kes

    Attack command vanishes from battle command menu

    I am using Yanfly's Battle Engine I am also using Yami's Battle symphony although I don't think Symphony has any bearing on the problem. Two players have reported an issue which I am unable to replicate.  There is a character who has only physical skills.  If the whole party guards, and if that...

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