battle commands

  1. KingKraken

    Trying to sort items types into separate battle commands?

    Hey everyone! I've been tinkering with a game where all it's skills are consumable items. At basic functionality it works perfect, but I'm trying to take it to the next level. A game about hoarding items is fine and dandy, but that can become really tedious to scroll through menus after some...
  2. Gabulian

    Battle Command Help

    Hello, Im still pretty much new to RPG Maker, and as expected I've been having a bit of trouble trying to handle plugins. My problem is that Im trying to add extra battle commands to my game but nothing I've tried is working so far, I've been trying to use HIME's CommandChangeEquip plugin so my...
  3. Parallax Panda

    Switch weapon skill & Remove battle commands

    Instead of making two separate topics I'd like to ask two questions in regard to my battle system. My first request would be instructions of how I can remove the [Attack] and [Guard] battle commands completely. I'd also like to "move" the [Item] command and place it within one of my two skill...
  4. Gesture Battle Commands

    So, I got bored and started messing around with some old Google doodles, and found the Halloween 2016 doodle. It was fun, and I kind of wanted to be able to make an RPG controlled similarly. Minimal menus, just gestures to perform attacks and skills. And I've seen a few plugins that allow for...
  5. Changing battle menu commands

    I know how to add skill types (magic, specials, etc), but is there a way to add basic commands? For example, I wanted to make my menu like this: Attack Guard Focus* Item *Where using the command 'focus' would not lead to another menu to select a skill, but instead immediately use a particular...
  6. Moghunter incompatibility with Yanfly in-battle scenes

    Hi everyone! I tried installing Moghunter's battle transitions ( and battle commands ( plugin, to a game with several Yanfly plugins, and whenever I enter an in-battle scene like...
  7. jediMasterLenny

    Is there a way to make multiple attack inputs before an attack?

    Just curious. I'm working on a math adventure game for my son to help him with math. I'd like to make it so he has to create a formula that equals the enemy's health. So for example - Enemy HP =2 Select first option: 1 Select 2nd option: +1 If it = the enemy's health, he wins etc.
  8. ramza

    Longer Command Descriptions

    Greetings. I am looking for a script/plugin that would allow the player to press a key on an action/item/skill/class/etc and have a larger window popup in the middle of the screen filled with a large text description of that item. It would draw this from a notetag on the item/skill/whatever...
  9. Custom Battle Commands

    I'm looking for a script that allows me to edit the battle commands. I want to remove the default attack from my project but can't seem to find a proper script to do it. So something that allows custom battle commands would be much appreciated.
  10. How do I make this random variable thing work? Do I even have to use variables?

    I'm not sure how to word this for search, so if someone else has asked this before, i'd appreciate being sent to that post. Essentially, i'm trying to make a "Mystery" command for battle, using variables. Essentially, i've been trying to make it so if the "Mystery" command is used in battle, a...
  11. Tsukihime

    Battle Command: Use Skill

    This plugin allows you to add commands that allow your actors to use skills directly without accessing the skill menu. All of the skill use properties are the same: your actor must be able to use the skill, have enough MP/TP/other requirements, and so on. If enemy or actor selection is...
  12. Rikifive

    [SOLVED] Disabling Skill Type in Battle Commands

    Hello everybody! I have read about some scripts and editing stuff, but I want to ask you for a quick advice. How to disable "Skill Type" in battle commands? I have three types of skills: Skills, Magic and Passives. What I want is to have only "Skills" and "Magic" shown in the battle command...
  13. ShacoBunny

    Need Help with Battle Commands

    I need some help. I am trying to figure out a way to disable certain battle command actions during my games tutorial. I want commands to be temporarily disabled till a command is given to use that particular command. Example: I want the player to attack and no other command can be chosen in the...
  14. Kes

    Unexplained change of default on battle start

    When a battle starts, the leader opens up with his default on 'Item' instead of on 'Attack'.  This has not happened before on any play test, and has only now started about one third of the way through the game.  It is irritating and if the player is acting even slightly on auto-pilot is likely...
  15. Koi

    Yanfly Command Script: Weapons?

    EDIT: I want two different commands, one for healing items, one for battling items in the battle commands list. In Yanfly's menu script, it allows you to tell the menu where to place items through a <category: string> tag in the notes boxes. Having a script similar to that but for battle...

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