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  1. Black Pagan

    Dealing with Difficult Encounters

    What are some ways you can think of dealing with Difficult Encounters ? What i mean by this is, The Enemies being on almost the same level of Stats as the Player or a Higher level. In this case, There needs to be some options for the Player to consider to come up with a result other than an...

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Got a nice little platform coming along backwards compatible with MV.
I'm so amazed at this ABS plugin for MV. This is a plugin that can literally fulfill my biggest game dreams, creating an Ultima VII-like game. Below is a video of a quick scenario I created to test out the plugin. The music in the video is my own composition.

The MZ Steam discussion board is filled with so much whining. Glad I never have to go there, or to any Steam discussion board. Anyway, here's something awesome:
I've been meaning to create a better trailer for my game but it takes time, so for now all I got is the same old trailer with updated footage:

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