battle event problem

  1. Making an enemy immortal whenever another enemy is alive, how?

    I want to make a battle that whenever there's an enemy other than the boss alive the boss will reciece 0 damage from every single attack. The battle consists of 3 phases, the first enemy group appears at 75% HP, the second at 50% and the final at 25%. Currently it only works for the first group...
  2. Khaz

    [Solved] Battle Event problem

    Hello. I had previously made a thread where I needed help with a couple of things ( This thread specifically ). This thread is regarding the kill counter. Previously the matter had been solved and things were working perfectly fine, but as I've recently done a test run to see if everything's...
  3. RPG Maker VX Ace Battle Event Bug

    I am currently creating a state (I don’t have a name yet, so I will call it State 2) for my game’s battle system that can only be inflicted onto an enemy if another certain state (State 1) has also been inflicted. To do this, I created the two states and I created a separate state called State 2...

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