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  1. ForbiddenKraken

    SRD_BattleGUICore - How to Keep the Status Windows on the Screen, even when Party Command is on screen

    Hi, I have a question regarding the SRD_BattleGUICore.js plugin. By default, the plugin makes the Battle Status Windows hidden from the screen whenever a turn is over and whenever the party commands of Fight and Escape appear on screen. The question is what do I exactly need to modify in order...
  2. Zakarijah

    Help using Hime_ActorBattleCommands

    I want to hide the 'Passive' command for all my actors in battle-only. I see I can use this? hide_actor_command(ID, SYMBOL) so it would appear as hide_actor_command(1, Passive) But I'm unsure of where exactly this is to be put??
  3. IamWhatonearth

    Battle Hud Question!

    Is there a plugin that shows faces for battlers but will adjust the width depending on the number of people in your party? I'd like to have faces showing during vs just the bars but for most of the game my project will only have 2 people on the party with 2 parts there are 3 so that would mean...
  4. RoseRainblood

    Moghunter Battle HUD - Party members layout help

    Hi there! I'm using Moghunter's Battle HUD to get my battle layout how I want it to be, and so far it's working great and mostly looking how I want it to. But one issue I have is the spacing between my party members info boxes when they are in battle. When there are 4 party members the spacing...
  5. Zoren

    Battle Hud Help

    Hey guy's its been awhile since i was active on here but im back and trying to breathe life back into a dead project. I've made a lot of progress in it previously but everything got deleted some how and that discouraged me for awhile to continue. but im back and ready start over! Which brings me...
  6. ItsMeSam

    (MV) Ring-Style Battle Menu

    Hey. RPG Maker MV (and the others) have the most boring battle command system ever. The only plugin to ever come close to fixing this is Moghunter's BattleHUD and Battle Command Plugins, as it implemented the "ring" menu, shown here: The issue I have with this, is that it requires you to...
  7. NinjaKittyProductions

    [Solved] Enemy HP Bars...

    I am looking for a script that will display the enemies HP bars in one of the upper corners. I have provided a mock up image to help.
  8. berslayer

    MOG's Script issue - Battle Command EX - Bug(?) in-battle test

    Hello everyone! Welp, I have a problem when testing a battle and, apparently, is with an execution in a line on the title's script. The thing is, when I choose an item (any, literally; consumable or not, even an "===KeyItems===" slot on the database to divide types of items, for example) it...
  9. Bartman901

    Battle Hud

    Hello, I'm currectly using Yanfly Battle Engine and I just wanted to ask if there is a script that allow you to have icons next to the battle commands. Example: Attack(currect weaopon icon), Magic (book icon) Guard(shield icon) etc.
  10. Erros using Moghunter's Battle HUD [RPG Maker MV]

    Hello guys, Sorry if i'm at the wrong place, and sorry i'm not a native english speaker. I recently started creating my RPG and I wanted to use a new HUD. Well, I'm bad at javascript so I decided to download one. I found Moghunter's battle HUDs very cool and downloaded them. (Here's the link...
  11. LadyBaskerville

    More HUD Faces - Extension for Moghunter's Battle, Party, and Actor HUDs

    More Hud Faces (Moghunter Extension) v1.2.2 LadyBaskerville Introduction Moghunter / Atelier Rgss provides visually impressive plugins to show your actors' faces on the screen, be it in battle or on the map. However, the MV plugins do not provide an easy way to change the graphic assigned to an...
  12. Servidion

    (Moghunter + Yanfly Plugins) Selection Control compatibility?

    So I am experiencing a strange issue while trying to spruce up my UI. If I have Moghunter's Battle Hud and Yanfly's Selection Control and I try to target an enemy with a magic attack I get an error "TypeError undefined is not a function". It has something to do with the targeting from what I...
  13. Kes

    Using instant cast item removes battle HUD

    Of the scripts I am using, the only ones I think are relevant to my problem are: Yanfly's Battle Engine Yanfly's Instant Cast The modification in the spoiler which restricts the ability to instant cast an item to one specific actor. What happens extremely rarely is that when an...
  14. Dutch Power Creations

    MOG BATTLE HUD bug/help *solved*

    After 3 hours I found the bug myself. This topic can dissapear in the bin.
  15. Hero_Claive

    [Ace] How to remove the window behind the battle status?

    I've been at this for the past couple hours editing various parts in Window_BattleStatus, and I cannot find any solution to this. Essentially, I want to remove the background window on the battle status screen, leaving the gauges intact. I'm using a custom Battle HUD too, but frustratingly...
  16. Need Help With Editing Plugin Script

    Hi all! I was just wondering if somebody could help me edit a minor script in Mog Hunter's Battle hud plugin. I am using this in conjuction with yanfly's battle engine core and action seq packs. I tried contacting Mog Hunter tru email but havent received any response yet. The problem is...
  17. Siletrea

    Battle hud for single battler game

    hello wonderful people of the internet! (^u^ ) I have been working on transfering my VXA game over to XP because I'm finding XP to be superior in my opinion and I need a bit of help if one of you nice scripters have a minute! I'm using the Goldensun Battle System shown here...
  18. funanya

    Free graphics for Actor/Battle Hud

    I have decided to share my princessy graphics for MOG huds plugins.Enjoy! Credit (SugarZooZoo) is appreciated!
  19. Battle Hud Request

    Hello, I am in a bit of a pickle. I've found a way to essentially made an ability to summon an ally that just attacks for x amount of turns... but there's a really irritating bug. From what me and a friend found out, ace is normally built to have 4 party members unless you use a script to...
  20. KD Games

    [Ace] Custom Battle Layout Request - Script(er) Request

    *Updated Image* Hey all, KD here! And I need some helps. So basically, there's not a lot of custom battle HUD scripts, and I'm sick of the ones already available. I don't have a lot of time to learn how to script, I am learning however. Here I have a layout, it's pretty snazzy. I would...

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