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  1. OtherDarkZero

    RMMV Battle Log look more like a message.

    For my game I'm trying to spice up the battle log and was wondering if there was any plugin to make the battle log look more like a message box and not just a quick text pop up. Earthbound is an example of what I'm trying to aim at. (Where it's saying: Character tried PK Freeze)
  2. tale

    Smooth Battle Log 2.0 [MZ]

    MPP_SmoothBattleLog2 - 2020/12/26 (ver. 2.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Change the display method and behavior of the battle log to speed up the progress of the battle. This plugin is for RPG Maker MZ. | Note: It's not a fast-skipping plugin Features - By making the battle log...
  3. WhiteHawke

    Skipping Empty Battle Log Messages (RMMV)

    Hi, didn't want this to be my first post here, and this might be more of a Javascript question due to the potential complexity of what I'm asking, but I've been banging my head against this issue for some time now and need help. I'm making a game where the battle system is a fairly simple 1vs1...
  4. tale

    Regen/Degen Battle Log

    DisplayRegenerateMessage - 2017/05/27 v1.1.0 Creator name: フトコロ (futokoro) Introduction Possible to see Regeneration/Degeneration message in the battlelog. Features - Displays amount of HP / MP / TP in the battle log at the end of the turn - Possible to change the message for increase and...
  5. tale

    Regen/Degen Battle Log

    Regen Battle Log 2019/03/09 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Introduction Possible to see Regeneration/Degeneration message in the battlelog. Note: This script is based on futokoro's DisplayRegenerateMessage.js to VX Ace Features Displays amount of HP / MP / TP in the battle log at the end of...
  6. Vis_Mage

    [Vx Ace] Yanfly Combat Log - Button Toggle

    Howdy! I was wondering if someone could help me with a treak to Yanfly's Combat Log script? By default, the expanded combat log can be accessed via a command in the battle menu. Would it be possible to change this to instead be accessed by pressing the shift key?
  7. Scrolling text for battle log

    Is there possibly a script I can use to make the battle log text scroll like a message box instead of appearing all at once? Is it also possible to make it wait for button input? I'm trying to make it more like the Mother series, where the battle log was more like a typical message box.
  8. Use windowskin for battle log

    Hello, For my game I really want to use a windowskin for my battle log (basically a message box replacing it) and scrolling text if possible (again, like a message box). Is this possible?
  9. Lartu

    Earthbound-like Battle Log

    Hi there! I've been looking all around for a way to display my battle log in the same way Mother games do. That is, a text-box that sits on the top part of the screen and describes what's going on in the battle, much like a window called with a common event, but for the battle log. I don't...
  10. tale

    Smooth Battle Log

    MPP_SmoothBattleLog - 2018/06/07 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Battle logs with scroll display and faster battle progress. Note: It's not a fast-skipping plugin Features - Battle log with smooth scrolling text - Party command "BattleLog" recorded confirmed actions -...
  11. Backwardskey

    Displaying target name in Battle Log.

    In the default build of MV, you can use %1 to reference the Skill name and have it display in the Battle Log. What I'm looking to for (without using needlessly complex and hard-coded common events) is a script that'll allow me to use %2 in the message window to display all targets being affected...
  12. Lonewulf123

    Animated (?) Battle Log

    Hello all, I'm looking for a script that will change how the text in the battle log is drawn and appears. Basically, the text kinda just appears and I would like to make it look dynamic or more interesting. I would like it to appear to scroll, for instance the text would show up, then another...
  13. RockEsper

    Faster or skippable battlelog in Yanfly's Battle Engine?

    I'm using the base battle engine from Yanfly with none of the major battle system addons (STB, ATB, CTB ), and I'm using front view battle system. I was just wondering if there was a way to cut down on the time it shows the battle log while nothing else happens. Specifically I have it set to...
  14. AlienX

    Battle Messages waiting for keypress

    Hey, guys! I wonder if someone has made (or could make) a plugin, that makes battle messages act like regular messages. Basically, I want to have more descriptive battle messages, but they go by pretty fast. Yanfly's BattleEngineCore allows you to change the speed of the messages, so I could...
  15. Rink27

    Battle Log Script Call?

    This seems very trivial, but I can't find the script call for the battle log. And before you link me to the google doc spreadsheet, it states: Which would not work.
  16. CyndaBytes

    Vanilla Battle Log above Battle Hud

    I was wondering if it is possible to place the standard MV battle log (abilities cast text, buffs text, misses text, critical, states...) just above the battle hud. Basic it's on the top, but with big resolutions it's difficult to read because the action is concentrated lower. So I thought that...
  17. SolemnDream

    Script Request: Display state's message in battle log when "add_state" and "remove_state" are used

    Hiya. When one uses a damage formula that has something like "a.add_state" or "b.remove_state" in it, that state's messages are not displayed in the battle log during battle. I absolutely need those messages to display, so I am requesting a script. If you were to inflict Poison through a...
  18. Joronjo

    Displaying Battle Log as a Window with YEP-Battle Core

    As the title implies, i want to be able to show the battle log as windows instead of as the black bar thing, but i don't know what or where to modify.
  19. nilson

    Messed up Battle Log - Not sure where to revert

    Pretty embarrassed about this one haha...! A week or so ago, I was editing my windows. I go into the game today to test out a battle, and see that the battle log is a big too long...I'm not sure which piece of the code is specifically for this to revert it back to normal. You'll see that I have...
  20. Euphony

    YEA Skip Battle Log - Defeated enemies won't disappear

    I'm having a small issue with the Skip Battle Log script that was extracted from the Yanfly Engine by Helladen/Aeirex. After adding the script, I noticed that enemies defeated in battle don't disappear. They're treated as if they're dead, but their battlers remain on screen. I've placed the...

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