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  1. nilson

    Messed up Battle Log - Not sure where to revert

    Pretty embarrassed about this one haha...! A week or so ago, I was editing my windows. I go into the game today to test out a battle, and see that the battle log is a big too long...I'm not sure which piece of the code is specifically for this to revert it back to normal. You'll see that I have...
  2. Euphony

    YEA Skip Battle Log - Defeated enemies won't disappear

    I'm having a small issue with the Skip Battle Log script that was extracted from the Yanfly Engine by Helladen/Aeirex. After adding the script, I noticed that enemies defeated in battle don't disappear. They're treated as if they're dead, but their battlers remain on screen. I've placed the...
  3. kerbonklin

    Issues with Damage Popups and BattleLog

    I'm using MOG's Damage Popup script and i'm trying to remove the add_text(damage/critical/state/etc.) portions of Window_Battlelog, but that add_text somehow conflicts with the popups and makes the popups not appear. It's really confusing me on why it happens just because the add_text get's...

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